Taylor Swift Fans Consistently Dox and Harass People; Why Doesn’t She Ask Them to Stop?

There is no denying the influence of Taylor Swift. Not only is the singer one of the most successful artists in the music industry, but she also has a massive fan base comprised of millions of loyal supporters. Swift’s supporters, who have dubbed themselves Swifties, are known for being incredibly active and extremely intense. However, many of them tend to go overboard in their support of Swift and the evermore artist’s recent callout of Ginny and Georgia certainly proves this.

Taylor Swift arrives to the VMS to perform a medley of songs
Taylor Swift | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for MTV

Recently, Swift took to Twitter to call out the new Netflix show, Ginny & Georgia for making her the butt of a tasteless joke. “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift,” is a line of dialogue spoken in a conversation between two characters. Naturally, Swift, who has experienced slut-shaming throughout her career, took offense to the joke and she tweeted out a response.

Taylor Swift calls out ‘Ginny and Georgia’ and Netflix for a sexist joke

“Hey Ginny & Georgia, 2010 called and it wants its lazy, deeply sexist joke back,” Swift penned. “How about we stop degrading hard-working women by defining this horse sh*t as FuNnY. Also @netflix, after Miss Americana this outfit doesn’t look cute on you. Happy Women’s History Month I guess.”

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Of course, many Swifties were also deeply offended by the joke that Ginny and Georgia made at Swift’s expense. They began to tweet their outrage and even started a hashtag that demanded respect for Swift. Unfortunately, some fans took an extreme approach and immediately began harassing the writers and young actors of Ginny & Georgia on Swift’s behalf.

Carrie Courogen calls out the ‘folklore’ singer for not speaking out about her toxic fans

But those involved with Ginny & Georgia weren’t the only ones to face the wrath of some of Swift’s more extreme fans. After writer, Carrie Courogen spoke out against Swift’s statement, she too became the victim of extreme harassment and doxing from some intense Swift stans. “Imagine if she’d speak critically about her threat-happy, dox-loving stans with the same amount of vigor she has for a stupid joke,” Courogen wrote in response to Swift’s tweet.

But what exactly is doxing? It is the practice of publicly revealing previously private information (typically through the Internet) about a person or an organization. Many times, doxing is done with malicious intent and some Swifties have certainly been using it in that fashion. Courogen alone has received and documented tons of harassment from those who support the “All Too Well” singer in the last few days.

Some Swifties make a habit of harassing those who disagree with the ‘Fearless’ singer

“For the past 24+ hours, I have been doxxed & endlessly harassed on every social platform by Sw*ft stans,” Courogen wrote about the harassment she’d experienced at the hands of Swift’s fans. “They found & contacted my personal phone and personal email & phone. Some left voicemails. The allegation that *I* am the one harassing is disgusting and dangerous.”

Unfortunately, Courogen is hardly the first person who has experienced the wrath of Swifties. This is something that consistently happens whenever the Red artist speaks out against a person or organization. Those following Swift closely may recall that after Swift publicly called out Scooter Braun for purchasing her masters, he made a public plea for her to call off her fans after he, and his family, experienced doxing, death threats, and harassment. Still, Swift failed to address her fans who were participating in the problematic behavior.

Why doesn’t Swift ever speak out against her fans’ toxic behavior?

Of course, Swift can’t be held responsible for the behavior of each and every fan who engages in toxic behavior on her behalf. However, not speaking out about the extreme measures that many of her supporters take to “defend her” speaks volumes. After all, it can’t escape Swift’s notice that many Swifties have a pattern of harassing and doxing those whom she speaks out against. While Swift shouldn’t feel as if she can’t speak out against perceived injustices, consistently failing to speak out against Swifties who are hellbent on making other people’s lives miserable seems like a massive misstep at best and a calculated tactic at worst.