Taylor Swift Finally Breaks Silence on Rumors About Second Surprise Album, ‘Woodvale’

While Taylor Swift fans are still reeling from her surprise drop of Evermore, there have been rumors that there might be yet another new album on the way, making this officially the year of T. Swift. But fans can rest a bit because Swift finally responded to the rampant rumors about a third album, Woodvale, being released this year.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Mat Hayward/GC Images

Taylor Swift’s surprise album

December 10th was a quiet morning until Swift decided to completely decimate the internet by announcing a new album.

“I’m elated to tell you that my 9th studio album, and ‘folklore’s’ sister record, will be out tonight at midnight eastern,” she tweeted. “It’s called ‘Evermore.’

“To put it plainly, we just couldn’t stop writing songs,” she continued. “To try and put it more poetically, it feels like we were standing on the edge of the folklorian woods and had a choice: to turn and go back or to travel further into the forest of this music. We chose to wander deeper in.”

Swift was on a roll when creating folkore and didn’t want to stop so she ended up with enough content for two albums.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said. “In the past I’ve always treated albums as one-off eras and moved onto planning the next one after an album was released. There was something different with Folklore. In making it, I felt less like I was departing and more like I was returning.”

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Fans start speculating about Woodvale

Swift loves to leave Easter eggs for her fans to find in her albums. In the folklore photography, the word “evermore” kept appearing. Eagle-eyed fans who purchased the hide and seek CD edition of folklore also noticed that the word “woodvale” showed up. Fans also noted that woodvale, folklore, and evermore all had eight letters, driving them to think that maybe Woodvale would be the last in a trilogy.

Taylor Swift responds to rumors of ‘Woodvale’

Taylor Swift recently addressed the Woodvale rumors with Jimmy Kimmel.

“This takes a bit of explanation,” Swift said on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. “So, I tend to be sort of annoyingly secret-agenty about dropping clues and hints and Easter eggs. It’s very annoying, but it’s fun for fans and it’s fun for me because they like to pick up on things. And they’ll notice lots of things in music videos and photos or whatever. Sometimes I take it too far and make a mistake.”

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The singer said that when she was recording folklore, she didn’t want to tell anyone the name of the album.

“I came up with a fake code name that had the same amount of letters as folklore,” she said. “Chose a random name. I chose Woodvale. Wanted to see how it would look on the album covers, I mocked them up, and then decided I don’t actually want to have a title on the album covers. [Then] we forgot to take the fake code name off of one of them.”

So, fans actually just picked up on an error that Swift and her team made, not a whole new album.