Why Are Fans Freaking Out About Taylor Swift’s New Merch?

Taylor Swift has something brewing–and her fans are fully losing their minds over it. In the past several months –Swift has shed her Reputation persona for a lighter–fluffier aesthetic that has included pastel colors, rainbows, and clouds. Her Instagram account has been filled to the brim with cats, glitter, and palm trees.

Now, the Red songstress has been spotted with her blonde tresses dyed pink at the tips while sporting floral crop tops and shorts. This wouldn’t normally cause any chaos, however, fans noticed that Swift’s crop top also had her name on it –which means that it might be a part of a new line of merchandise.

Why are fans freaking out about Taylor Swift’s new floral merch?

Taylor Swift has been known to model new merch just before she releases an album. Right before Reputation dropped, she was spotted around town wearing a ton of things with snakes on them. However, Swift’s fans have dug up even more evidence.

One fan found an official Instagram account called @TSOfficialMerch while another realized that her merch store is about to drop something massive in the coming days. The fan posted on Twitter saying, “TAYLOR SWIFT STORE IS BEING UPDATED RIGHT NOW! WHEN YOU GO TO http://store.taylorswift.com  YOU CANT BUY ANYTHING OR VIEW ANY MERCH! WE ARE GETTING NEW MERCH! ITS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW YALL, HER WEBSITE IS GOING INTO FULL CHANGE!”

When will Taylor Swift debut new music?

There have been rumors about Swift’s seventh album TS7 for some time. From all of Swift’s cryptic Instagram posts, fans have deciphered that the Fearless singer will be dropping new music on April 26 –which coincides with the new merch drop.

Fans had expected to see TS7 later in the fall. However, because she is staring in the movie musical Cats which will be released in Fall of 2019 –fans are speculating that she did not want to release music at the same time. Also, the singer just appeared on the April cover of both Elle US and Elle UK.

According to Perez Hilton, we can expect to see Taylor Swift’s new album before her 30th birthday on December 13, 2019. Apparently, the gossip mogul attended one of Swift’s Reputation tour dates in May 2018 and suggested to her that she should call her next album 30. The songstress responded, “Well, my next album will definitely be out before I’m 30.”

Will Taylor Swift’s new album have a mermaid theme?

With the florals and pastels –Taylor Swift might be hinting that we can expect the mythical sea creatures to be all over her next album. In fact, for her New Year’s Eve costume party, the singer dressed up as Ariel from the movie. She sported the red hair and the iconic fishtail.

This is not the first time mermaids have been on her mind. At the end of her Reputation special on Netflix, fans pointed out that she wore a shirt with mermaids on it. Also in a photo for her Reputation magazine –Swift’s jacket had a mermaid sewn on it. On Twitter user and Swifty fan @dontblamesoph explained, “TS7 will have something to do with mermaids, why would she be in the end credits of #repTourNetflix in a mermaid shirt? End the rep era literally dressed as a mermaid for the next chapter… it’s Taylor Swift she plans this sh*t waaaaay in advance.”

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