Taylor Swift Sincerely Regrets This About Her Career

2019 has been a fantastic year for Taylor Swift. With the release of her seventh studio album, Lover, which many fans are calling her best to date, she is proving her longevity in the pop sphere. The 29-year-old songstress has also proved that she is the queen of Easter eggs; having expertly hidden clues about Lover in plain sight for months. Many were floored at how well Swift had strategically shared these clues, but they shouldn’t be. Anyone paying close enough attention knows that Swift has been proving her mastery of PR and Marketing for well over a decade.

Taylor Swift Lover
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Years ago, Swift was asked what she would do in the event that she wasn’t an extremely successful musician and she indicated that she would find her place in the PR world. We’re sure this is a role that the “Afterglow” singer would dominate in. Part of what makes Swift so successful is her impressively strategic mind. From who she partners with (Netflix & Capital One to name a few) to her impressive social media strategy, to capitalizing on her media opportunities, Swift has built an incredible brand and business for herself.

A shrewd business mind

And this is nothing new for Swift. Many fans and critics alike would be shocked to discover that it was Swift herself who was behind some of her most impressive business decisions. This is because, in the past, Swift made it her mission to pretend that she wasn’t the one calling the shots. Instead, she’d let her team take credit for some of the things she’d dreamed up all by herself. But Swift is no longer interested in pretending that she isn’t the one in control of her own career. In fact, one thing she regrets about her career is ever pretending thas she wasn’t in control of it.

Swift shares her regret to Rolling Stone

“Yeah, but I’ve also tried very hard — and this is one thing I regret — to convince people that I wasn’t the one holding the puppet strings of my marketing existence, or the fact that I sit in a conference room several times a week and come up with these ideas. I felt for a very long time that people don’t want to think of a woman in music who isn’t just a happy, talented accident. We’re all forced to kind of be like, “Aw, shucks, this happened again! We’re still doing well! Aw, that’s so great,” the “Dress” singer confessed in a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

Swift went on to explain that she felt women aren’t allowed to celebrate their power or success in other industries as well. “Alex Morgan celebrating scoring a goal at the World Cup and getting shit for it is a perfect example of why we’re not allowed to flaunt or celebrate, or reveal that, like, ‘Oh, yeah, it was me. I came up with this stuff.’ I think it’s really unfair,” the Lover singer shared, speaking about her friend and U.S. soccer player, Morgan.

Embracing her business savy with Lover

But Swift is no longer pretending that she isn’t controlling her business and brand. With the release of Lover, Swift has been more vocal than ever that she is behind so much of the creative process. She recently shared that she dreams up all of her music video concepts on her own. Furthermore, the brilliant marketing strategy to include bits and pieces of her journals from over the years within the deluxe editions of Lover was her idea as well.

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A new age

“I’m sick of women not being able to say that they have strategic business minds — because male artists are allowed to. And so I’m sick and tired of having to pretend like I don’t mastermind my own business,” the “Cornelia Steet” singer confessed. Clearly Swift is done pretending and we can’t wait to see what she does next in her career.