Taylor Swift And Other Surprising 2020 Golden Globe Nominees

There are plenty of awards that you expect to see Taylor Swift up for: A Grammy, naturally. An American Music Award (or several). Even a Teen Choice Award. But a Golden Globe? Not as predictable.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Isabel Infantes/PA Images via Getty Images

But this year, Swift has accomplished that feat. The nominations for the 2020 Golden Globe Awards have been announced, and there are quite a few surprises here. Read on to learn more.

Taylor Swift

Swift is nominated for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture. She, along with Andrew Lloyd Webber, co-wrote the song “Beautiful Ghosts” for the upcoming adaptation of the musical Cats. And there’s an incredible story behind it.

The singer-songwriter took to social media to celebrate the nomination. She wrote, “it’s so cool that one of the most fun, fulfilling creative experiences I’ve ever had is being honored in this way,” adding that she was inspired by “many days on set” she spent watching the actor for whom the song was written.

Jennifer Lopez

For nearly as long as we’ve known Lopez as a singer and dancer, she’s also had a presence on the big screen. However, most of Lopez’s early roles were in romantic comedies that, while beloved, weren’t exactly awards-show material.

But all of that changed with this year’s Hustlers. Lopez took to social media to celebrate her nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture, writing that she “could not be prouder,” and that it was “an honor and a challenge” to portray the character of Ramona, who was based on a real person.

‘The Politician’

When it comes to the Emmys and the Oscars, we expect to see a certain caliber of series and films. However, while there is quite a bit of overlap, the Golden Globes do often recognize titles that didn’t receive the same level of attention. Enter The Politician, which is up for Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy.

The Netflix Original Series is the first of Ryan Murphy’s as a part of his deal with the streaming service. And while it was highly anticipated, the discourse around the dark comedy faded quickly. Star Ben Platt is also nominated for his role in what is set to be a sort-of anthology series.

Tom Hanks

When Tom Hanks was cast as Fred Rogers, star of the beloved children’s show Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in the biographical film A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood, no one was surprised. And it’s not just because Hanks frequently portrays real people in movies. He really does look the part.

The surprise here is not that Hanks is up for a Golden Globe, it’s that he’s up for this particular category. Why is he the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for a movie that’s all about him? If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll likely understand, but it’s still a bit of a strange choice.

‘Knives Out’

The Thanksgiving movie of the year was undoubtedly Knives Out, a murder-mystery/comedy from Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson and starring Captain America and James Bond, among many others. Clearly, you can already see the appeal.

The Golden Globes famously support comedic films much more so than the Oscars. So while seeing Knives Out on here isn’t surprising, it is considered much more of a Blockbuster than the typical fare. What will be interesting is whether or not this helps its chances at the bigger Academy Awards.