Taylor Swift Teases Possible New Music Release Date With Countdown Clock

Taylor Swift lives for hype. Through the years, she’s been known to drop clues prior to the release of new music (and, most recently, personal essays). About six weeks ago, Swift began posting cryptic photos to her Instagram with a noticeably different vibe than her previous posts. In contrast to her dark, edgy Reputation photos, these new dreamy pink images couldn’t help but signal to Swifties that a major change was in the works. What’s more, the posted images seemed to signify a countdown–seven palm trees, the sixth step, five fence holes… all leading up to the release of her essay for Elle UK about songwriting.

Taylor Swift | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic
Taylor Swift | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Fans were, of course, hopeful the countdown would lead to Swift’s next album. But an essay about the pop star’s personal songwriting process is probably the next best thing.

A week after Swift’s Elle UK essay premiered, Elle USA published another essay penned by Swift about what the artist has learned in her thirty years of life (her birthday is this December).

Then at midnight ET Saturday morning on Swift’s website, a giant countdown clock appeared in front of a swirling cotton candy sky, very much in line with Swift’s newly established social media vibe.

Fans are thinking this countdown has got to be the one. This countdown will surely lead to new music. They’ve been burned before, but how many personal essays can one pop star write? The day being teased is April 26.

It should be noted, though, that Billboard pointed out that there’s a possibility that first palm tree post was signaling April 26 all along.

“In late February, fans started theorizing, based on Swift’s Feb. 24 Instagram post, that the superstar’s seventh album was on the way. The Swifties noticed that there were exactly seven palm tree emojis in Swift’s caption, meaning that TS7 was imminent. They also pointed out that there were 61 stars in the photo — and as it turns out, there are exactly 61 days between Feb. 24, when the original Instagram photo was posted, and April 26, the teased date.”

We wouldn’t put it past Swift to double up on release dates with the use of a single Instagram post. There’s a good chance the seven palm trees photo was both hinting at the countdown to her Elle essays as well as whatever’s happening on April 26.

What exactly are we getting on April 26?

Now the question is: Will Swift be dropping her entire album or just a single? Fox News is thinking the singer will be dropping only a single:

“Chances are it will be the first single under Swift’s new deal with Universal Music Group,” writes the publication.

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Vanity Fair seems to be in the camp that Swift will be releasing her full seventh album:

“The timing certainly fits—Swift’s last album, Reputation, dropped in November of 2017. It’s also worth noting that Swift signed a landmark new multi-album deal with Universal Music Group in November of 2018, following the dissolve of her exclusive deal with Big Machine Records.”

Here’s hoping April 26 brings, along with the defeat of Thanos, a full, hefty Swift album. And maybe a few more dreamy clues along the way.  

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