Taylor Swift: The Most Amazingly Cool Surprises She’s Ever Pulled on Fans

Taylor Swift points while holding a microphone

Taylor Swift loves surprising her fans. | Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has a knack for surprising her fans in fun, thoughtful, and lavish ways. Though she took some time off prior to the release of her latest album, it seems the star is now up to her famous tricks once again.

These are some of Swift’s most amazing fan surprises through the years (leading up to her most recent ones!):

1. She gave a fan $1989 to help pay off her student loans

Shortly after Swift released 1989, she sent huge fan, Rebekah Bortnicker, a pretty extraordinary package. Bortnicker had been a long-time Swift supporter via social media, and Swift had taken notice.

To thank her for her constant support, Swift sent Bortnicker a package containing a hand-painted watercolor painting, a necklace, some sweet notes, and $1,989 to go towards her student loans.

2. She showed up at a fan’s bridal shower

Gena Gabrielle actually met Swift back in 2007 at a meet-and-greet. Right away, the fan and superstar hit it off and became fast friends. The two would see each other at different meet-and-greet opportunities through the years and kept up on social media. Then, in 2014, Swift attended Gabrielle’s bridal shower (because she couldn’t make the wedding).

She didn’t perform, she didn’t steal the show — she let Gabrielle have her day. She did come bearing gifts, though. A Kitchen Aid mixer along with an entire kitchen set, a batch of homemade cookies, and a Swift-original piece of artwork.

3. She sent Christmas care packages

Taylor Swift performing on stage in front of a red microphone with a red guitar and dress.

She’s a sucker for the holidays. | Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

One word: Swiftmas. Back in 2014, Swift really got into the holiday spirit by finding out what her biggest fans truly wanted for the holidays (by taking a close look at their social media accounts) and sending them packages filled with their dream gifts.

Along with each gift, she’d write personalized letters and notes, truly overwhelming her fans.

4. She put them in her music video

Did you know you can spot a few Swifties in the “Shake it Off” music video? Directed by Grammy award-winning director, Mark Romanek, the video features a couple major Swift fans dancing alongside professional dancers.

How did these lucky fans get cast? They wrote the star letters or contacted her via Twitter and Instagram.

5. She invited fans to her home(s) to listen to her new album

Taylor Swift performs at Grammys in a black jumpsuit while turning towards the audience.

These fans couldn’t believe they were invited to her home. | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Before Swift released 1989, she invited 89 of her biggest fans over for a pre-album release listening party. In true Swift fashion, the get-together included some freshly baked cookies (courtesy of the hostess herself), dancing around, and taking lots of cute Instagram-worthy photos. She hosted fans in five different locations: her homes in Los Angeles, New York and Rhode Island, her mother’s house in Nashville, and a rental property in London.

Some lucky fans then got the same treatment during her Reputation era, when Swift hosted a listening party for her new album in London.

6. She surprised her oldest fan at home

After finding out that then 96-year-old World War II veteran, Cyrus Porter, used Swift’s music to connect with his grandchildren, Swift decided to make a personal house call. She surprised the Porter family in their Missouri home with an acoustic sing-along that the family will never forget.

Robert Frye, Porter’s grandchild, wrote that Swift’s visit was a “Christmas miracle.”

7. She commented on her fans’ Instagram videos

In October 2017, Swift was at it again. The pop star has a huge fan base on Instagram with over 100 million followers, and on Oct. 8, she surprised some of those followers by commenting on their live videos, posts, and direct messages.

Needless to say, overwhelmed is an understatement for how the fans that got some Taylor love felt.

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