10 Times Taylor Swift And Todrick Hall Were Friendship Goals

Following the release of Taylor Swift’s latest music video, “You Need To Calm Down” many fans were surprised to discover that that Swift was close friends with former “American Idol” contestant, Todrick Hall. But the friendship between these two talented singers dates all the way back to 2015. Let’s take a look at some of the cutest moments between the famous besties, often referred to as Taydrick.

Taylor Swift & Todrick Hall
Taylor Swift & Todrick Hall | Photo by Bruce Glikas/Bruce Glikas/Getty Images

1. Never Splitting Up

The pair first met back in 2015 after Swift fell in love with a mashup that Hall did of some of her most iconic songs. Swift shared the video to her Twitter page and praised Hall for his incredible talent. Hall quickly fired back a message thanking Swift for her support. From there, Swift invited him to her 1989 tour and the pair hung out backstage. Whilst there, they goofed off and did impressive slits together, which they both posted to their respective Instagram pages. It was the start of a beautiful friendship.

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2. New phone, who dis?

But the splits were just the beginning of the fun between these two singers. On the same night, Hall also playfully auditioned Swift to be his answering machine. Swift gives her full name and injects some of her trademark dry humor into the message before the machine cuts off. Fans everywhere were left wishing that their favorite celeb could record their answering machine message.

3. Finding the light

Who among us hasn’t taken advantage of some bomb lighting for selfies? In one of the pair’s most relatable moments, they share a picture of themselves utilizing the “quality lighting” in an unsuspecting bathroom in order to get a good photo together.

4. Number one fan

We love how Hall has continuously shown his support for his friend throughout the years. He attends multiple shows of each of Swift’s tours and always details how proud he is of the artist. With his busy schedule, it’s probably hard to find free time, but he always seems to make some for Swift.

5. Moral support

But Hall isn’t the only one constantly showing his support. Swift also goes out of her way to support Hall in his many endeavors and projects. When Hall was in the Broadway performance of Kinky Boots, Swift made sure that she made an appearance. Not only was she kind and supportive to her close friend, but she also extended that warmth and appreciation to his fellow castmates and crew members.

6. Random dancing

If you don’t break out into spontaneous song and dance sessions with your friends, are they even really your friends? It’s great that despite all their fame and recognition, these two besties can still let loose with one another and be silly together.

7. Getting political

Until recently, Swift has been very closed-lipped about her political opinions and beliefs. But, she finally began speaking out, voicing her opinion, and encouraging her millions of fans to do the same. Because of her platform, she’s gotten thousands of people to register to vote, donate to GLADD, and sign her petition supporting the Equality Act. But, it all started with Swift speaking out against the actions of Republican politicians in Tenessee during the midterm elections. Hall openly showed support of Swift and expressed his overwhelming sense of pride in a way that only a best friend can.

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I’m always proud of my friend no matter what, but today I am the most proud I have ever been. When you are a super star of epic proportions it can be terrifying to do things that you and I can do on a day to day basis. Voicing your political or religious beliefs is always going to separate people and potentially create bad blood. I have always defended Taylor because I know her heart, I know how her family raised her and how they’ve treated me and welcomed me into their home, life and family with open arms. When I met her I was a bit afraid to be my true self around her because I didn’t know where she stood on LGBTQ+ rights and I didn’t honestly know if I could explain to someone with blue eyes and blonde hair what it feels like to not only walk around our country, but her neighborhood specifically. We have talked for so many hours about these subjects and she has taken the time to actively listen to me, her queer friend who also happens to be a person of color. Today, for the first time, Taylor unapologetically voiced her opinions and stance on the upcoming Tennesee midterm elections. She openly recognized the issues regarding racial discrimination and she has made me the proud beyond my Wildest Dreams! I know that this was a scary step for you T, but my cheeks are hurting from grinning, I got chills reading your status, I feel heard and valued as a person who lives what some consider an “alternative lifestyle” but what YOU see as a beautiful life. I can’t help but to feel like I played even the smallest of parts in helping you get to this point, and I’m just so dang happy that the world gave you time to learn (in your own way and at your own pace) how important it is for you to speak out and speak now. Just because you like the album Red, doesn’t mean you have to vote that way. This is a HUGE step for you and the world will be a better place if everyone votes for the human rights that we all deserve. You, your family and your team continue to amaze me & teach me how to be a better human every day and I will always be in your corner. So proud to call you my Gorgeous friend. xoxo your #1 cheerleader! Toddy

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8. Gifts galore

Swift once again proved that she was the queen of gift giving when she surprised Hall with the perfect birthday present. Swift left her bestie shooketh when she gifted him with an Alexander McQueen jacket that he’d been admiring for weeks. Of course, she couldn’t help adding her personal touch and also made him a sweet homemade card and baked him his favorite food, cinnamon sticks.

9. Promposal

Swift gave us all a lesson in truly giving proper thanks and credit when a friend goes above and beyond to help us out. Following all of the work that Hall did on the music video for “You Need To Calm Down” Swift wrote a cute card asking him to be co-executive producer with her. She then read it aloud in front of a group of people, promposal style.

10. Executive producer

Taydrick stans lost it when Swift posted cute images of her and Hall from the music video set with the caption, “Just like my life, this video was co-executive produced by Todrick.” This quote perfectly captures the feeling of a best friend, helping to guide you through life and pushing to become the best version of yourself. We hope the pair continues to be active members of each other’s lives and careers and we’re interested to see where they go next.