Taylor Swift Just Shut Down This Fan Theory About ‘You Need To Calm Down’

Early Friday morning, Taylor Swift released her newest single “You Need To Calm Down” ensuring that Swifties everywhere were fully unable to calm down. Though the song is currently dominating the charts, sitting at number one on both Apple Music and Spotify, Swift chose to delay the release of the music video until Monday. Of course, the delay caused fans to speculate about what the video might entail. One ridiculous theory caught the eye of the 29-year-old songstress and she was quick to shut the rumor down.

Taylor Swift
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New song

The fan theory started where all drama starts these days, on the Intenet. After Swift released the new song that have some very pro-LGBTQ lyrics, fans began creating theories about what was to be expected from the video. One of the craziest theories claimed that Swift would be making out with another female celebrity in the video.

Katy Perry

“Hey uhh Taylor Swift, not to question you but you do know that there’s a leaked concept that you and Katy dress as fries and a burger and kiss. You do know that’s dumb, right? Please tell me you know it’s dumb” the fan pleaded. Of course, Katy refers to singer, Katy Perry, who recently made peace with Swift after over five years of “Bad Blood”. Where the ketchup and french fry part of the theory comes from is completely lost on us.

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Fan theory

But the fan didn’t stop there. She wanted to be clear that she was not joking and she was fearful that Swift could be digging herself into a massive hole. “Also this isn’t me making jokes or anything. If there is indeed a scene like that, you need to cut it right now before it airs because it’s genuinely a really bad idea “the concerned fan continued.

Of course, the fan was is absolutely correct in issuing this statement and expressing concern. There have been far too many times in the entertainment industry where straight, cisgender, people use same-sex kissing as a tool to make their music seem more “edgy” or “risque”. The problem lies with not recognizing one’s own privilege of making someone’s everyday life into a spectacle for consumption through pandering to the male gaze. This year alone, Cardi B and Rita Ora caught heat for doing this very thing in the Maroon 5 “Girls” video that they were both featured in.

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ME! or You Need To Calm Down?

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Luckily, Swift was quick to shut these rumors down. In an uncharacteristic move, the 29-year-old actually took the time to respond to this strange rumor on Instagram. “Guys. That is ABSOLUTELY false. To be an ally is to understand the difference between advocating and baiting. Anyone trying to twist this positivity into something it isn’t needs to calm down. It costs zero dollars not to step on our gowns.” the “22” singer said.

To that, we say, well played, Taylor. Not only did Swift manage to shut down the ridiculous fan theory effectively, but she also acknowledged the responsibility that allies have to the LGBTQ community. What’s more, she managed to do it all with lyrics from her latest song, proving once again that she is the queen of marketing and PR.

You Need To Calm Down

While we’re happy that this outrageous rumor isn’t true, we’re still very interested to see what Swift has cooked up for the “You Need To Calm Down” music video. We guess we’ll calm down and wait until she unveils it tomorrow morning on Good Morning America.