Taylor Swift’s Fans Are More Important to Her Than Money

Taylor Swift loves her fans. And not just in a gee-thanks-for buying-my-stuff kind of way. We mean that Swift really cares for and goes out of her way to make her fans happy. She surprises her fans more than any other pop star. In fact, it’s almost too much to list.

We could be here all day if we listed everything. But instead, we’re going to show you a few of the sweet things she does. Here are three things Swift has done to show appreciation for her fans. 

Taylor Swifts treated fans to ‘1989’ secret sessions

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Amazon

Before her album, 1989, was released, Swift invited a group of fans over to her home to listen to the new music before anyone else. Not only did she treat the fans to music, but she surprised them by attending the gathering herself, and treating it like a get-together with old friends.

They baked cookies, played with her cats, took pictures, and listened to the new music. Swift chatted with the fans like she was just one of their girlfriends. 

Even more amazing, she didn’t just do this once. She threw these 1989 Secret Sessions at her New York City apartment, her Nashville apartment, and her California home. Parties for super fans all over the U.S. to chill with their favorite star. 

Swift takes the time to give heartfelt comments to fans on social media

Swift has a habit of regularly looking through the fan sites, and browsing her fan’s social media accounts. And she doesn’t just lurk, she actually takes the time to leave really sweet and heartfelt messages for them, sometimes even offering advice.

She left a message with advice about bullying for a fan on Twitter, and gave relationship advice to a heartbroken fan on Instagram. But that’s not all, she also left a message about dealing with life for another fan on Instagram and consoled a fan going through a breakup on Tumblr. 

The crazy thing is that this is just a handful of examples. Swift is always interacting with her fans, and social media is one of her favorite ways to do it. There are endless examples of Swift taking the time to make sure her fans feel appreciated and loved.

Swift gave her fans personalized gifts for ‘Swiftmas’

Speaking of stalking her on fans social media … before Christmas in 2015, Swift looked through all of her best fans accounts to figure out the perfect present for each one. She then sent personalized gifts, along with handmade cards to her fans, in an event she called Swiftmas.

Several of the fans that received gifts made videos of themselves opening the presents and thanking Swift. One of the recipients,  teacher from Arizona, told People, “You can tell it’s really genuine, everything she writes. It’s not contrived in any way. She’s just so charming, her personality, the fact that she does stuff like this, it’s crazy.”

One fan’s gifts were so big that Swift wasn’t able to ship them. So she did what any logical person would do, she drove to Connecticut and delivered the presents in person. If you decide to watch the video Swift posted of the event, keep some tissues handy. It’s so sweet, you might tear up. 

Swift loves her fans more than money

It’s hard to believe, but this is only a small portion of the things Swift does for her fans. It’s very obvious that she loves them dearly. She’s willing to use the money she makes from her music career to downright spoil them — way more than any other music artist.

In turn, her fans are some of the most dedicated to her. Maybe two of her albums are named Red and Lover because she has such a big heart?