Taylor Swift’s Reaction to Her ‘Cats’ Golden Globe Nomination Is Adorable

Taylor Swift earned another Golden Globe nomination for her original song for the movie adaptation of Cats. She cowrote “Beautiful Ghosts” with composer Andrew Llloyd Weber. Most feature film adaptations of Broadway musicals add a new original song, both to give the fans something new and to qualify for awards. Pre-existing music would not qualify awards so “Memory” can’t win any more awards.

Taylor Swift in Cats | Universal Studios

After the Golden Globe nomination announcement, Swift took to Instagram to share her reaction to the news of her nomination. Cats is in theaters December 20. 

Taylor Swift’s history with the Golden Globes

“Beautiful Ghosts” is Taylor Swift’s third Golden Globe nominated song. They nominated her song “Safe and Sound” from The Hunger Games in 2013. She wrote that with T Bone Burnett, Joy Williams and John Paul White. 

One year later, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association nominated Swift for “Sweeter Than Fiction” from the film One Chance. She wrote that with Jack Antonoff. Should “Beautiful Ghosts” land Swift her first Oscar, she’ll be halfway to an EGOT. She’s got the Grammys on lock. She’ll just need an Emmy and Tony! 

How ‘Cats’ turns Broadway on its head

The Broadway musical featured performers in feline costumes singing and dancing in a world built for them on stage. The movie uses all the technology of Hollywood to turn the cast into celebrity felines. So Taylor Swift is cat sized, and so are Idris Elba, Jason Derulo, Ian McKellan, Rebel Wilson, James Corden, Judi Dench and Francesca Hayward. 

Francesca Hayward in Cats
Francesca Hayward in Cats | Universal Studios

In the play and film, the tribe of Jellicle Cats competes to be the one cat who gets to be reborn in the Heaviside Layer. Taylor Swift plays Bombulrina, a flirtatious queen who leads a portion of the Jellicle Ball.

The original productions set theater records, becoming a Broadway mainstay for 18 years and running 21 in London. New productions have revived the show, but this is its first film, aside from recordings of the stage production. Tom Hooper directs.

Taylor Swift’s adorable ‘Cats’ pun

As Bombaulrina, Taylor Swift will presumably sing “The Old Gumbie Cat,” “The Rum Tum Tugger” (which would be a duet with Jason DeRulo!), “Grizabella: The Glamour Cat” and “Macavity: The Mystery Cat” in the film. She concluded her reaction post with the perfect line, but spelled it even more adorably.

Cats: Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in Cats | Universal Studios

“This is just purrfect,” Swift wrote with a cat emoji. “I woke up today to the news that Beautiful Ghosts is nominated for a Golden Globe – it’s so cool that one of the most fun, fulfilling creative experiences I’ve ever had is being honored in this way by the HFPA.”

This ‘Cats’ star inspired ‘Beautiful Ghosts’

Taylor Swift elaborated in her reaction to her Golden Globe Award nomination about what inspired the nominated song. It was ballet veteran Francesca Hayward as Victoria that inspired Swift. Victoria is a ballerina kitten

“I ended up spending many days on set watching the other performers do their scenes,” Swift wrote. “Watching the character Victoria, played by @frankiegoestohayward inspired me so much and Beautiful Ghosts was the result. Congrats to my co-writer and buddy 4 life Andrew Lloyd Webber.”