Téa Leoni Really Threw That First Pitch At a Live Mets Game in Season 6 of ‘Madam Secretary’

The act of placing a fictional TV show within reality isn’t a new concept, yet it’s not common because of the complex logistics and budget. Some examples from TV past exist where it was pulled off well, mostly in sitcoms visiting real locations like Hawaii or other U.S. locations.

We don’t think there’s any show on record that managed to attend a real baseball game and incorporate a story into the mix. Madam Secretary is now on record as managing to do this, or at least one pivotal scene. As meta as that might be, it involved Téa Leoni‘s Elizabeth McCord who became President through a two-year time jump this season.

This plot point already took everybody by surprise. Shooting a scene at a live Mets baseball game was even more unexpected for a TV show mostly shot on a soundstage.

President McCord threw out the first pitch

Tea Leoni throwing a baseball at a Mets game
Tea Leoni on Madam Secretary | Mark Schafer/CBS via Getty Images)

CBS could have just used a body double to have Pres. McCord throw out the first pitch at a real Indians vs. Mets baseball game at Citi Field in New York City. The Madam Secretary crew managed to take cameras there back in August to film a sequence where McCord would throw the ball to kick off the game.

While this episode aired in this season’s second episode, that great throw we saw Leoni do took more than one take. According to TVLine.com, it apparently took four takes for her to get the throw the show wanted. Leoni says she was finally able to throw one to the mound that came close to a strike.

All the logistics on putting this together must have been complicated, not including stopping the game so the show could do those four throw attempts. Then again, with digital cameras being more compact nowadays, it might not have been as complicated as it would have been a decade ago.

Using a real location like this, it makes us wonder what else Madam Secretary has up its sleeve in its final season to make McCord’s Presidency look real.

Using Téa Leoni in other Presidential situations

Let’s applaud Madam Secretary for bringing some realness to this interesting new season. Not everyone was happy to see some of the popular sideline characters depart after jumping ahead two years to a President McCord. Most of those characters will reportedly return in appearances throughout the season.

What we’ll see McCord do throughout the season is still being kept under wraps. We probably won’t see any more baseball games, but maybe CBS has some other scenarios where we see America’s new president in other real-life settings.

No doubt Leoni is game since she’s always been an adventurous actor in everything she’s done. The show already built new sets to give realism to living in the White House. Although what would happen if they ended up filming around real U.S. government landmarks?

Doing that might convince more than a few we should be electing a real woman to the highest office in the land.

Bringing more reality into fictional shows

The trend in TV is to sometimes go meta and blend reality with fictional universes. As complex as that might be, a show like Madam Secretary (why not President McCord now?) can go all out since they won’t be returning.

Some of this might involve spending a little extra to build things looking like real Presidential locales and means of transportation. Will we see Pres. McCord on a version of AF1? How about a scene at the real Washington Monument or Lincoln Memorial?

If only a show like them could be crafty enough to film a scene in the real White House. Thanks to cameras being pocket size, such a thing really could happen undercover during a tour.

Seeing Téa Leoni throwing a pitch on a baseball field may be as brave as the show gets. Regardless, don’t be surprised to see more unexpected moments as the show has already given us.