Ted Allen’s Favorite Christmas Cookie Better Not Have This 1 Ingredient

Food Network star Ted Allen is the charming host of Chopped and an expert on the culinary scene. Allen recently shared what his favorite Christmas cookies are. And though the recipes are pretty standard, he said he doesn’t like one particular ingredient.

Food Network star Ted Allen
Food Network star Ted Allen | Gail Oskin/Getty Images for Nespresso

Ted Allen has appeared on other shows apart from ‘Chopped’

In the early 2000s, Allen appeared on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as a food and wine specialist, per IMDb. He also appeared on Iron Chef America as a guest judge. Starting in May 2007, Allen hosted Uncorked: Wine Made Simple and appeared as a regular judge on Top Chef.

In 2008, Food Network offered Allen a hosting job on Food Detectives and Chopped. Chopped was a hit among viewers and got renewed. It’s currently one of the highest-rated shows on Food Network. And Allen also hosts the spinoff Chopped Junior.

Moreover, Allen has appeared on several other Food Network programs, including Beat Bobby Flay, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Cutthroat Kitchen, and The Next Food Network Star. In 2004, Allen won an Emmy for his work on Queer Eye. He also won a James Beard award in 2012 for hosting Chopped.

Ted Allen likes jam thumbprint cookies for Christmas

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Food Network recently caught up with some of its stars and asked them what their favorite Christmas cookies are.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri prefers gingerbread cookies and said he is not a “big sweets” type of person. Bobby Flay of Beat Bobby Flay loves sugar cookies with plenty of red and green sugar toppings. Iron Chef alum Giada De Laurentiis swears by her peppermint patty sandwich cookies while Alex Guarnaschelli loves a butter cookie with pine nuts and raspberry jam.

When Chopped host Allen was asked what his preference was for Christmas cookies, he said the first thing that comes to mind for him is the “sugar cookies with frosting.” Allen also said he loves jam thumbprint cookies. And he said his partner usually makes crumbly Mexican wedding cookies, another favorite.

Ted Allen hates this 1 ingredient on his Christmas cookies

Many people go above and beyond to decorate their baked goods with various items, such as sprinkles and icing. But there’s one decor item Allen better not find on his cookies: small silver balls that are usually called “dragees.”

“Hopefully [there’s] not those silver balls that break your teeth,” Allen said. “I hate those things.”

Although they add a bit of oomph to cookies, the small sugar spheres aren’t very tasty. And they’re very hard — not pleasant at all to bite down on. So it’s understandable that Allen doesn’t want them anywhere near his holiday cookies.