‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 Apple TV+ Premiere Date Announced

Ever since Ted Lasso Season 1 ended, fans of the heartwarming comedy series have no-so-patiently waited for the next one. Fortunately, that time is almost here. In April 2021, Apple TV+ shared the first trailer for the upcoming season, along with a release date. Here’s when Ted Lasso Season 2 premieres on the streaming service, and what to expect.

‘Ted Lasso’ Season 1 premiered in 2020

Jason Sudeikis in 'Ted Lasso'
Jason Sudeikis in ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 1 Episode 2 ‘Biscuits’ | Apple TV+

Ted Lasso — the character played by Jason Sudeikis — actually originated years ago. The actor portrayed the American football coach recruited by an England football (that’s soccer to those in the U.S.) in a series of ads for NBC Spots back in 2013 and 2014. But Sudeikis saw something more in him and co-created a series around the concept.

Ted Lasso premiered on Apple TV+ in August 2020. The first season shows the titular character beginning his job as the coach of AFC Richmond. Despite having no clue what he’s doing, his positive attitude wins over those around him, inspiring the players, the owner, and even the fans.

The show received numerous accolades

Ted Lasso viewers also became big fans of the character and the series. By the time the tenth and final episode of season 1 aired in October 2020, it had become one of the most talked-about programs of the year. And it quickly racked up accolades at various prestigious award shows in the months that followed.

Ted Lasso won Best Comedy Series at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards and the Writers Guild of America Awards. Sudeikis himself won for his portrayal at the former, as well as at the Golden Globe Awards and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, making him one of the most-awarded actors of the season.

When does ‘Ted Lasso’ Season 2 premiere?

Following the release of its first three episodes in August 2020, Apple TV+ renewed Ted Lasso for a second season. Those behind-the-scenes, including co-creator Bill Lawrence and Sudeikis himself, went to work on writing. Filming for Ted Lasso Season 2 began in early 2021. Now, there’s a return date.

In goofy Ted Lasso fashion, the show’s official account tweeted that the season 2 premiere is July 23, 2021. The streaming service also released a trailer, in which it’s revealed that, in their next season, AFC Richmond continues to struggle to win games. But Coach Lasso, of course, remains positive.

Will there be more seasons of ‘Ted Lasso’?

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That’s not even all of the good news for Ted Lasso fans. Following its season 1 finale, Apple TV+ renewed the series for a third season. And Sudeikis and co. already know where many of their character arcs are headed, as they’d planned for three seasons from its inception.

“Jason knew from the start…that he wanted to give kind of surprise and emotional sneaky depth to all these characters,” Lawrence said during a 2021 PaleyFest conversation. He added, “[We] could tell you every single character on here’s beginning, middle, and end journey.”