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It’s hard to tell which Teen Mom couples are together. The women are known for making up and breaking up with their boyfriends, partners, and significant others. One mom who is always in a new relationship or back in an old one is Leah Messer.

Even when we met Messer on 16 and Pregnant, she was still dealing with feelings for her ex while carrying twins that belonged to her current boyfriend.

Messer’s relationship history

Messer met Corey Simms when she was just 16. He was supposed to be just a rebound from her hard breakup with her ex, but a few months into their relationship, Messer found out that she was pregnant with twins.

In 2010, just after Messer gave birth to her daughters Ali and Aliannah, she and Simms ended their relationship.

They say the heart wants what it wants and this was definitely true for Messer. After splitting with Simms, she finally got back with Robbie Kidd, the boyfriend who had broken her heart before she got pregnant. Many people have attributed her breakup with Simms to an affair that Messer may have had with Kidd.

But her relationship with Kidd wasn’t meant to be and soon she and Simms got back together. This time, they took their relationship to the next level and got married in October of 2010.

By June of 2011, Simms and Messer had gotten divorced.

Just a few months later, the young mom began dating Jeremy Calvert. The two were married in 2012 after only eight months of being together. Shortly after getting married, the couple welcomed their first child, Adalynn, into the world.

Two years later, Calvert moved out of the couple’s home and shortly after, Messer went to rehab to handle her prescription painkiller addiction and get Calvert back. Unfortunately for Messer, it was too little too late and the pair got divorced.

Since the divorce, both Messer and Calvert have been seen dating other people. For a while, Messer was on and off with a man named T.R. Dues. The pair even moved in together, but ultimately didn’t last. Calvert also had his own relationship that was shown on the show.

But recently, fans of Teen Mom 2 have been wondering if the former couple may have reconnected.

Are Messer and Calvert back together?

Parenting with your ex means that you will constantly see them. And if you happen to film a television show with said ex, then the frequency of run-ins just increases.

Messer and Calvert apparently rekindled their romance during one of these meetings.

While filming last year’s reunion, the former couple spent a lot of time together in NYC. On last night’s premiere of the show, Messer’s sister revealed that she caught Messer sneaking back into their hotel room at 7 a.m. on the trip, meaning that she probably spent the night in her ex-husband’s room.

But Messer was cautious to restart things with her ex as to not upset their daughter if the two couldn’t make a relationship work.

What else happened on the premiere of ‘Teen Mom 2’?

If the premiere of the season is anything to go by, Teen Mom 2 will be full of drama this go around.

Last night, Chelsea Houska struggled with her anxiety and Briana DeJesus had to cut her daughter Nova’s father, Devoin Austin, out of their lives because he was drinking while watching the child.

Newcomer Jade Cline also got into an explosive argument with her baby’s father, Sean Austin.

Hopefully, the moms will figure out ways to handle their respective issues this season.