‘Teen Mom 2’: Barbara Evans Just Let Fans Know Where Jenelle Gets Her Attitude From

Barbara Evans had been a Teen Mom 2 fan favorite for years, but back in May 2019, Jenelle Evans was fired by MTV. Her mother was fired by proxy. While the elder Evans had stayed pretty quiet about the entire ordeal, she has finally decided to break her silence. Not only is she steaming mad at MTV, but she doesn’t care who knows it. In an interview with Radar Online she had a few choice words for the production company behind the famed franchise, and she may have inadvertently shown the world exactly where her daughter gets her attitude and sense of entitlement.

Why is Barbara Evans speaking out against MTV?

Now that it seems crystal clear that MTV won’t be letting Jenelle Evans back on the show anytime soon, her mother, Barbara Evans is telling the world exactly how she feels about the network. The elder Evans has pretty strong opinions about MTV and their decision to continue filming Amber Portwood amid her legal troubles, in particular.  

As everyone knows, Portwood, who appears on Teen Mom OG, was arrested on July 5 after she allegedly attacked her live-in boyfriend. She was charged with three felony counts for the altercation. Her case is currently working its way through the court system. MTV has decided to continue filming Portwood and has even been spotted at the courthouse as the legal drama unfolds. Portwood could face jail time for the altercation.

The elder Evans told Radar Online that she thinks its utterly unfair that the production house has decided to keep Portwood, while they tossed the Evanses from the lineup. The elder Evans went on to insist she and her daughter did “nothing wrong”.

Why did MTV cut ties with Jenelle and Barbara but not with Amber?

While the elder Evans might see the situation as completely unfair, the decision to continue filming Portwood most likely came down to the legality of the case and the financials of the situation. Portwood has yet to be convicted of a crime, and sponsors have not pulled their support of the show because of her legal troubles.

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That was not the case for Evans. MTV ultimately decided to cut ties with Evans and her mother because the cost simply became too great. Not only did Evans’ husband, David Eason, cause a slew of filming issues, but Jenelle’s decision to stay with Eason after he shot and killed the family dog led to national outrage. Sponsors were quick to pull their support of the show in the aftermath of Nugget’s death.

In short, Evans, and her mother, by association, became too much of a liability for the production house. The same can not be said for Portwood. The filming crew’s refusal to film in front of Eason also likely played into the production house’s final decision.

Is Barbara Evans acting entitled?

At the end of the day, an employer can choose to cut ties with an employee for a variety of different reasons. MTV employed both of the Evanses, and in doing so has the right to cut ties when the association no longer serves a purpose. The elder Evans’ attempt to draw a parallel between her situation and Portwood’s situation might just indicate where the younger Evans got her attitude from.

Janelle Evans and Barbara Evans
Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans | Photo by Keith Johnson/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The elder Evans informed Radar Online that she, like her daughter, was pulling in around $400,000 per year thanks to Teen Mom 2. When the mother-daughter duo was fired from the show, they lost the income. It has long been suggested that the younger Evans was quickly going broke, but by the sounds of it, money might be tight for the elder Evans, too.