‘Teen Mom 2’: Barbara Has Allegedly Refused to Let Jace Visit with Jenelle After Nugget’s Death

The hits keep on coming for Jenelle Evans. The troubled star of Teen Mom 2 has lost a lot in the last few days, and it is rumored that she can add the ability to see her oldest son Jace to the list. According to The Ashley, Barbara Evans, Jenelle’s mother, has banned her from seeing her eldest son amid the current turmoil, and apparently, Jenelle is hopping mad.

Barbara is allegedly keeping Jace from Jenelle

Jenelle and Barbara have had a troubled relationship for years, but recently the pair seemed to be getting along fine – that appears to be a thing of the past though. An anonymous source allegedly told The Ashley that Barbara has forbidden Jenelle from seeing Jace at her home as long as Eason is there.

Barbara has had custody of Jenelle’s oldest child for the majority of his life. Now 9, Jace still resides with Barbara even though his two half-siblings live with Jenelle. He was enjoying frequent visitations, but that has all come to an end now. Barbara was allegedly profoundly disturbed by the death of Nugget and incensed when Jenelle headed right back to Eason.

According to the source, Evans has officially blocked Barbara from contacting her now that she has put her foot down. Barbara has been a controversial public figure since she first appeared on 16 and Pregnant, but everyone seems to agree that she is doing the right thing, at least when it comes to giving Eason access to Jace.

Jenelle is giving up everything to stay with David Eason

MTV has suggested that they decided to part ways with Jenelle before the family dog’s tragic death, but fans aren’t buying it. Many believe that the production company decided to finally boot the troubled star only after she returned home to Eason.

The mother of three has also lost business partnerships, several friends and the support of many fans. Now it looks like Evans is willing to give up a relationship with her eldest child all in the name of staying with Eason, and it’s possible it will also cost her the custody of her middle child. Evans and her ex, Nathan Griffith, are preparing to battle over custody of Kaiser, 4, later this month and there is absolutely no way Nugget’s tragic end won’t come up.

Griffith is believed to be the first person to call police after Nugget’s death. He called 911 to request a welfare check on his young son who was in the home during the incident. Police checked on Kaiser but left when the child was found to be well. Fans have been working hard to get justice for Nugget since news broke.

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No arrest has been made, even after finding out he not only shot Nugget – but slammed her neck into the kitchen table, and beat her almost to death. . They claim that Nugget’s body has not been recovered. But it was stated that she was shot next to the forest by their home. We are offering a $10,000 reward to the person that contacts our foundation with the whereabouts leading to finding the body, or can hand over the body to authorities. . We hope that other organizations will contribute to the effort to provide incentive to bringing about justice. The video we posted yesterday of Eason shows how unstable he is, and that action needs to be taken. . He is a ticking time bomb, someone who does this to an animal will go on to hurt others, and he has the weapons to do so. This man needs to be arrested and removed from society. . Companies like @mtv funding and spreading messages that this behavior is acceptable should be blasted and put on notice. . Please sign and share our petition, demanding that an arrest be made today. $10,000 reward to the person that provides us with the information on where Nugget’s body is buried. . We need to continue to exert pressure: North Carolina District Attorney: 1-855-290-6915 Email animalwelfare@ncdoj.gov Columbus County Animal Control: (910) 641-3945 Columbus County District Attorney: (910) 641-4410 Columbus County Sherrif’s Office: (910) 642-6551 . #JusticeForNugget @animalhopeinlegislation @mtv @easondavid88

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A charity has offered up $10,000 for anyone with information that will lead to Nugget’s remains. They are also requesting that Eason be arrested immediately.