‘Teen Mom 2’: Castmates Are Weighing in on the Jenelle Evans Situation

Jenelle Evans appears to be back in the home she shares with David Eason, just a few days after Eason allegedly killed the reality TV stars dog. While Evans seems to have headed back home, fans and her Teen Mom co-stars aren’t nearly as quick to put the past behind them. Eason’s savage attack on the family’s French bulldog, Nugget, have left Evans’s co-stars upset and fans wholly incensed. So, what are her Teen Mom castmates saying about the incident and how do they want to deal with Evans moving forward?

Randy Houska has spoken out against Eason

Randy Houska, the charming father of Chelsea Houska, has been outspoken about his daughter’s castmates in the past, but he is giving David Eason an extra-strong side-eye. The South Dakota-based dentist took to Twitter as soon as news broke to share his feelings. Houska has been open about his upbringing on a farm. He noted that while he was forced to put animals down due to illness or injury in the past, the idea of behaving in such a manner towards a dog sickened him.

Houska went on to call Eason out for alleging he acted so barbarically because the dog was a threat to his child. Houska pointed out that the 10-lb French bulldog was being tormented by the toddler, a point several fans made after Eason posted a video of the alleged “attack.” Houska went on to note that serial killers are also known to kill and torture animals.

Amber Portwood has urged Jenelle to leave David

You know things have gone sideways when Amber Portwood is acting more level headed than you. Portwood, who has long been known for her explosive behavior, took to Twitter to urge Evans to make the right decision. Portwood, who was once arrested for domestic battery, has urged Evans to leave Eason.

The mother of two has been sharing recent stories about the incident to her Twitter account. She even shared a breaking story that Eason allegedly fired shots at the family’s other dog. The pit bull was responsible for the death of several chicks last month.

Kailyn Lowry released a statement about Nugget’s death

Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans have never seen eye-to-eye, and the most recent events are making it worse. Just days before Nugget was killed by Eason, he took to Instagram to bully Lowry for her bikini-clad body. The mother of three was vacationing in the sun with her boys when media outlets picked up pictures of her beaming in Mexico. Eason took to Instagram to body shame Lowry.

Lowry has tried to keep Evans and Eason at a distance, but she apparently could no longer keep quiet. In a statement posted on Twitter, Lowry notes that she and her company do not stand for animal cruelty. She went on to say that she hopes Jenelle and her children are safe. Lowry famously sent Evans Pothead Haircare products as a peace offering several months ago. Evans took to Instagram to set the products on fire.