‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Special: The Incredible Advice Chelsea Houska Gave To Fans

Every Teen Mom 2 reunion special comes with moments we’ll never forget. At this year’s event, Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer had a lot of amazing advice to give her fans, on everything from dealing with her daughter Aubrey’s biological father to moving on after a difficult relationship. Here’s some of the wisdom she shared during Part 3 of the Season 9 Reunion Special.

Chelsea was moved by one fan’s words

Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska | MTV

Fans are almost as in love with Chelsea’s husband, Cole, as she is. One fan came to the mic and said, “I want to commend Cole for what he’s done for Aubrey. I really respect that so much.” But it was her follow-up question that really affected Chelsea emotionally.

Daisy’s question showed that this subject matter was very personal to her. She said, “What would you say for other mothers and children currently struggling with abandonment from their child’s father and what are some healthy coping mechanisms.” Dr. Drew stepped in, saying, “Did you have a stepfather that stepped in like Cole? Or do you wish you did?”

Here’s what she said to her

Daisy then began to cry, and said, “My father abandoned me when I was a child. Just like Aubrey, I begged my father to kind of be there for me. And he never did that — he never stepped up to be a father.” She continued, “Children shouldn’t have to go through this. They should have loving parents. No child deserves that. No child deserves to be abandoned by their father.”

Chelsea agreed with , saying, “I don’t even know if I can give a good answer. I’m trying to do my best. I don’t know what to tell Aubrey sometimes, you know? I’m trying to just raise her to be confident and strong. And you should be proud of yoursel for becomign the woman the woman that you are without having that father figure.”  

Both Chelsea and Cole came out to the audience and gave Daisy a hug. When they sat back down, Chelsea said, “OK, that makes it worth it — being on the show. Because sometimes you question…” she said of her time on Teen Mom 2.

Chelsea also addressed how she healed from her past relationship

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A fan on Twitter asked Chelsea about how long she thinks you should wait after getting out of a toxic relationship like the one she had with Adam before trying to date again. Chelsea said, “I think I needed to focus on myself. I was very low after that,” she said of her relationship with Adam, which was on and off for years even after Aubrey was born.

“I didn’t like myself, I didn’t like how I looked.” She continued, “I was very down and hard on myself until I started to do work on myself. So I think you have to work on yourself and get yourself to a good space.” Dr. Drew chimed in, “And grow up a little bit.”

Chelsea echoed his statement, adding, “Otherwise you’re going to keep attracting these toxic men.” After Nessa agreed with her about the way she phrased her comment, Chelsea said, “I am all about the law of attraction,” a philosophy that what you put out into the universe is what you’ll get back.  

Chelsea’s in a much better place now

Though they’re very busy with three kids (including two under 3 years old), Chelsea and Cole work to make time for each other. Asked how they maintain their marriage, Chelsea said, “I mean, we definitely don’t have date nights or alone time like we used to. But we still get some smooches here and there when we can.”

Despite all of that, they’re very happy. When Dr. Drew asked Cole, “Did you always want a big family?” he replied, “I knew I was meant to be a dad.” Chelsea affirmed this, saying that there need to be more men like Cole. “He’s such a good person,” she said of her husband. “I feel like I’d be proud to raise children with him and put those kinds of people into the world.

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