‘Teen Mom 2’: David Eason Claims He Is Learning from His Past, but There Is Evidence to the Contrary

Jenelle Evans and David Eason’s divorce is going to be a bitter one, it would seem. Evans left Eason back in October 2019, and the couple is finally getting around to hashing things out in court. While Evans is busy setting up shop in Nashville, Tennessee, Eason is busy back in North Carolina, tending to the homestead and posting to social media. His most recent post, a throwback picture, suggests fans don’t know his story, but he’s looking forward to telling it all soon. Eason, seemingly wants everyone to think he’s a good guy, but there is a lot of evidence to the contrary.

David Eason posted a throwback photo with a lengthy caption

Eason may not care what Evans thinks of him, but he seems to really care about how the collective internet views him. The father of three took to his Instagram page to post a throwback photo. The snapshot, which cropped out another person, features Eason at just 15. He’s sporting the classic bowl cut and is holding an old flip phone, just in case followers couldn’t date the photo appropriately.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason pose at Planet Hollywood Valentine's Wonderland
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The picture is pretty nondescript. In fact, most people would have scrolled right past it, if it were not for the lengthy caption that Eason affixed to the post. In the caption, Eason claims to have had three homes by the time he was 15, a car before he had a license, and apparently plenty of work ethic to make it all happen. He went on to allege that he’s had a difficult life, and no one knows the real story. He concluded the caption by suggesting that he was excited to share his truth. What truth is that? It’s hard to say, but it would appear that Eason’s self-image is vastly different than the image that others have of him.

Eason has been slapped with more than one restraining order

Evans stunned fans when she announced that she had separated from her husband of two years on Oct. 31. Fans weren’t amazed because they thought Eason was a great guy or anything; they just assumed Evans was going to stick it out. After all, she didn’t leave when he killed the family dog. Frankly, most people were thrilled to see the mother of three finally move on. Eason has displayed troubling and violent behavior for years. What was utterly unsurprising to most, was that Evans was granted a restraining order against Eason.

Many of you know this has been a long hard road. I’m finally reaching out for help. Let’s get through this together. If…

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A judge recently extended the restraining order when the couple faced off in court on Nov. 25. Eason isn’t allowed to contact Evans, nor is he allowed to speak about her on social media. While Evans was the most recent former lover to file a restraining order against Eason, she is not the first. Eason’s ex-girlfriend, Olivia Leedham obtained a restraining order against Eason after he attacked her when she was pregnant with the couple’s child. Eason was arrested in 2016 for violating the order of protection, which also extended to the couple’s shared child, Kaden Eason.

Before obtaining a restraining order, more than 20 911 calls were placed from or about the property that Evans and Eason shared. Several of the calls were from concerned family members requesting wellness checks, but at least two calls were placed by Evans. In one, Evans alleges that Eason attacked her and pinned her to the ground. In a second call, Evans asserts that Eason is stomping around the home with a gun. The couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, was in the house at the time.

While Eason ever tell his story?

While Eason may have been ordered to keep his thoughts on Evans off social media, he hasn’t exactly abided by that ruling. Eason took to social media to tell followers that no one knew the whole story and that he had spent years covering for Evans and taking care of her. In another social media post, he alleged that Evans is stupid, and suggested she’s lazy.

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His most recent post, which is locked down by privacy settings, suggests that Eason might be planning to do more talking than he already has. Perhaps the father of three is planning to sell his tale to a publication, or even write a tell-all book. He clearly has some pretty intense feelings about Evans, and he alleges those feelings aren’t loving in nature. It’s likely a book would be brutal, but would any publisher go for it? It’s hard to say. As long as the restraining order is in place, however, Eason will have to stick to posting cryptic messages to Facebook and Instagram.