‘Teen Mom 2’: David Eason Has a Warning for Fans After Custody Battle

We truly are living in a more sensitive world where anything you say can be twisted and turned against you. Nevertheless, when you have a former reality show star saying this when there’s evidence to the contrary, you know things have become extra twisted.

David Eason with Jenelle
David Eason with Jenelle | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Enter David Eason who recently had to endure (with his wife Jenelle Evans) his kids being taken away due to various horrific incidents on Teen Mom 2. Some of the things he says he didn’t do were captured on video when he and Evans were on the popular MTV reality show.

Now that he and Jenelle have won back custody of their kids, he’s giving a warning to fans about truthfulness. Is it a hypocritical warning, or has reality become a jumbled mess?

Have David and Jenelle learned something after the custody battle?

One thing we’ve learned about Jenelle Evans is she’s matured since her early days on Teen Mom when we saw her give birth to her first child as a teenager. In those days, her mom (Barbara) always saved her daughter from becoming a tragedy. Barbara has essentially been the one to put in overtime work raising Jenelle’s earliest kids.

When Jenelle married David Eason, the madness level went into the red. Eason doesn’t seem to have matured much over the years while Jenelle has. This uneasy truth is perhaps why dozens of incidents have been reported where the police were called to their home due to domestic abuse.

Fans might think their kids being taken away due to Eason shooting the family dog helped the couple finally grow up to life’s realities. From all reports, Eason seems to be on a retaliatory path for having his kids (and step-kids) removed from his life for a few months.

Barbara Evans has been one of the loudest voices speaking out about this dark reality.

While Evans was grateful for having her kids back, Eason acted out

After Evans and Eason were granted custody of their kids again on July 3, the two went outside the courthouse to express their feelings. Jenelle wisely gave a simple gesture of thankfulness. David went a different path, exclaiming a warning to his fans about what he’s endured. His quote might rattle some people about what living in a reality show world can do:

“Just stay on your P’s and Q’s because some people try to accuse you of things that are not necessarily true; blow things out of the water that are very, very small.”

The question on everyone’s mind is what he means by “small” and whether the things he thinks aren’t true ultimately are. Even though they’re no longer a part of Teen Mom 2, the mindset of being on a reality show seems to be intact.

Plus, with a modern culture that thinks lying can have multiple grey areas due to scrutiny of media, it makes Eason’s comment all the messier.

Does MTV have video evidence to back up their accusations?


In many ways, this is turning into a they said/he said situation. Is it possible MTV has reams of video available showing David Eason doing things he claims didn’t exist?

There was already considerable footage of what appeared to be Eason abusing Jenelle’s kids on Teen Mom. Whatever your opinion is of Eason, you’ll either fall on Barbara Evans’ side that he’s a monster or his own side about him being misunderstood.

While no person can claim perfection, we only hope we won’t be seeing further evidence of his true colors now that the Easons have their kids back in their home. If only the kids would be allowed to have their say in the matter.