‘Teen Mom 2’: David Eason Not Permitted To Have Guns, According to Court Documents

David Eason was reportedly desperate to have the restraining order against him lifted when he faced off in court with his soon-to-be-ex, Jenelle Evans, this month. While he allegedly has no interest in reconciling with his ex, who he claims he never loved, he has a couple of big reasons to want the order of protection lifted. The first reason has to do with his daughter, Ensley. The second reason is his prized gun collection. According to the decree, Eason can’t possess guns while the order is in place, and that’s a big problem for the homesteader.

David Eason can’t possess guns while the restraining order is in place

Eason’s desire to have his restraining order lifted likely has a lot to do with his gun collection. According to The Hollywood Gossip, the restraining order issued against Eason required him to forfeit his gun collection while the order is in place. Since he’s not currently being investigated for a crime, however, he’ll be able to retrieve his firearms once the order of protection is removed.

According to court documents, Eason was ordered to hand over his weapons. The order also prevents him from purchasing any more weaponry while the order is in place. According to Women’s Law, this is not particularly uncommon. When a person is considered a threat to the physical well-being of another person, he or she can be ordered to surrender their weapons. In Eason’s case, he was likely ordered to turn his stockpile over to the police or to a licensed arms dealer for safekeeping.

Eason is really into weaponry. The father of three, as everyone probably remembers, was visited by the Secret Service over his stockpile. He also brought a gun with him to court while he and Evans were battling to regain custody of three of their five children, and he shot and killed the family dog with one of those guns.

Eason claims he was robbed

Eason has since claimed that his home was burglarized while he was away. He took to Instagram to share a link to a news story that chronicles the alleged robbery. Eason claims he believes “an ex” burglarized the home because she knew he would be away for a court appearance. One can only assume he’s referring to Evans, but Evans was in court with Eason when the alleged burglary happened.

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Eason claims his tools were taken and that the children’s rooms were ransacked. Later, he alleged he knew the incident was an “inside job” because the perpetrator knew to enter the home from the backdoor. Eason claims he changed all the locks on the house after Evans fled the state. The father of three has made it clear he doesn’t feel safe without weapons around, so the current court order must really have him on high alert.

The order of protection also covers Ensley Eason

While the guns are a big part of the issue for Eason, the order of protection also prevents him from seeing his youngest child. According to the documents, Ensley, 2, is also covered under the order, and that means Eason is to have no contact with the child. Evans’ son, Kaiser, is also included in the court order.

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Since Evans split town with Ensley, Eason has been posting about missing his daughter. While he seemed to be confident he’d see her for Christmas, that won’t’ be the case. The most recent extension keeps the order of protection active through Jan. 13, which is the next time the former couple will face off in court.