‘Teen Mom 2’: Did Jenelle Evans Inadvertently Clue Fans In On a New Man In Her Life?

Jenelle Evans’ love life was among the most talked-about topics in the reality TV world in 2019. Discussions on the matter were pushed into hyperdrive when the former Teen Mom 2 star announced her divorce from David Eason on Oct. 31. Since then, a lot has changed for Evans. She has a brand-new address in a brand-new state, and if rumors are to be believed, she’s planning to resurrect her reality TV career. While Evans insists that she is not romantically involved with anyone, fans believe a recent Twitter post hints at a potential love interest. Some are even concerned that Eason might be back in Evans’ life.

Jenelle’s Twitter post revealed a man in the background

Evans took to Twitter to share a photo of her daughter, Ensley, decorating a Christmas tree. In the snapshot, the two-year-old girl is holding a Christmas ornament. The shiny material of the glass ball revealed what was directly in front of Ensley. While Jenelle can be seen taking the photo in the snapshot, fans have spied a second person standing in a doorway, and most agree that its definitely a man.

In the picture, it is evident that Evans is sitting on the floor to capture the moment. The shiny ornament also reveals an empty apartment, utterly devoid of furniture. In the corner, standing in a doorway, another figure appears to be taking shape. The alleged figure seems pretty tall, and several fans believe the person has the same build as Eason. It’s hard to make out who, if anyone, is captured in the photo, though. Because the image is distorted, it’s actually nearly impossible to tell if a person is actually standing in the doorway or if it’s a trick of the light.

Could David Eason still be in the picture?

When Evans announced her separation from Eason back in October 2019, fans were stunned. In fact, many believed it was a ploy to get her reality TV career back on track. Several former Teen Mom castmates seemed to share the sentiment. Farrah Abraham, who has been highly critical of Evans, was the first one to suggest the divorce was a ploy to get back on TV, according to Ok! Magazine.

Kailyn Lowry, who is a well-known enemy of both Evans and Eason, shared a story on social media about Evans’ divorce being faked. She was lambasted by fans for sharing the story, but it’s hard to say whether everyone believes Evans’ divorce is legitimate. The separation may have been pushed along to resurrect her TV career, but the abuse described by Evans in her restraining order request is pretty horrific. It’s safe to say that Eason is not currently back in the picture.  Based on everything he’s shared on social media, he’s not interested in rekindling things with Evans, either.

Rumors of romance are flying on both ends

While it seems safe to say that Evans and Eason are not currently romantically linked to each other, they may be dating already. Fans began theorizing that Evans was seeing a new man a couple of weeks ago. Evans’ move to Nashville appears to be a permanent one, and some supporters believe she picked the city for a new boyfriend. In the weeks before her separation, Evans took a snapshot with Travis Tidwell, a Nashville-based guitarist. She also recently gave him a shoutout on social media, leading some followers to assume they are an item. Evans denies the allegations.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason at Planet Hollywood
David Eason and Jenelle Evans | Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Eason has also been linked to a new lady. The father of three was spied in a Snapchat video looking cozy with a woman named Brittney Walker. Eason claims he’s not dating anyone, and, instead, was simply asked to take a picture with a fan. Followers, however, note that the pair are friends on social media. Could there be more to it? It’s possible.