‘Teen Mom 2’: Did Leah Messer Just Let It Slip That She’s Back with Jeremy Calvert?

Leah Messer really knows how to work a crowd. The heavily-accented mother-of-three appeared on the Teen Mom 2 reunion episode with her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. Fans have long hoped the pair would patch things up and get back together, and Leah seems to love playing into the narrative. The 27-year-old West Virginia native was shy about her relationship status when she appeared on the couch, but did say she and Jeremy had had a lot of fun on their weekend trip to New York City to film. The sly smile left fans with the impression that there might be romantic undertones to their co-parenting relationship.

Why did Jeremy and Leah get divorced?

Leah has never been shy about her relationships. The indecisive blonde has been involved in more than one love triangle. In fact, she tends to backslide to her exes, funnily enough. She questioned her feelings for ex, Corey Simms when dating Jeremy, and cheated on Simms with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie, too.

Leah and Jeremy ultimately parted ways due to the stress of his pipeline engineering job, and Leah’s addiction issues. Leah did head to rehab and clean up her act, but the pair’s union didn’t last. Since they finalized their divorce in 2015, they have worked together to co-parent their daughter, Addie together, but Leah admits there are some romantic feelings left between the pair.

According to In Touch, Leah and Jeremy have hooked up since they parted ways way back in 2015. Leah took to Kailyn Lowry’s podcast to let the world know that the pair still have some chemistry, but she’s been iffy about the idea of entering back into the relationship that she once labeled as “toxic.”

Did Leah’s recent breakup cause a change of heart?

Leah and Jeremy have been involved with other people since their split. In fact, Jeremy was engaged to Brooke Wehr, but they never made it to the altar. The couple had broken up repeatedly in the past, but the final straw appears to have been a slew of cheating allegations. Brooke accused Jeremy of sleeping with everyone from his ex-wife to a producer for Teen Mom 2. There is no proof that those hookups ever happened, though.

Leah, for her part, dated Jason Jordan. The pair dated briefly before parting ways but got back together when things seemed to quiet down. It wasn’t long before they dialed the drama back up, and Leah finally kicked Jordan to the curb. Leah’s kids weren’t particularly fond of the pairing, either, it would seem. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah has labeled her love affair with Jordan as “toxic,” as well. Yes, that word does get thrown around a lot on Teen Mom 2.

So, are Leah and Jeremy rekindling their love?

For fans hoping to see the couple walk back down the aisle, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. They’ve denied the notion of giving a real relationship another shot, but it seems like they aren’t opposed to hooking up when the occasion calls for it.

Whether or not that will eventually lead to a monogamous relationship between the two isn’t yet known, but Jeremy seems down for the idea. Rumors have swirled for months that the father of one has been trying desperately to get back together with Leah, but she’s been wishy-washy about the prospect. It looks like time will only tell, but they seem to be co-parenting without a problem.

Leah also has a good parenting relationship with her first husband, Corey Simms. So, while Leah isn’t exactly lucky in love, she seems to, at the very least, pick men who want to keep things friendly.