‘Teen Mom 2’: Fans Might Not See Footage From Kailyn’s Hawaii Vacation

Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer documented their joint family vacation in Hawaii for Instagram. The two pals packed up their six collective children and headed to paradise in early July. If you were hoping to see their adventures committed to Teen Mom 2 film, you might be disappointed, though. According to The Ashely Reality Roundup, only Messer was filmed by MTV while on vacation, and the reason is a little troubling.

Lowry is rumored to be battling with ex, Jo Rivera

Lowry and her ex, Jo Rivera, seemed to find common ground in recent years. While the exes are known to battle things out in court, they seemed to co-parent pretty well, partially thanks to Rivera’s wife, Vee. In fact, the former couple was singing each other praises a few short months ago during the Teen Mom 2 reunion special. Things change quickly in Lowry’s life, and now it seems like the exes are at odds again.

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Rivera apparently was bothered by the fact that Lowry took his son, Isaac on vacation, knowing that it would overlap with his scheduled visitation on the Fourth of July. When Lowry went ahead with the holiday, regardless of Rivera’s objections, things allegedly got heated, according to Inquistr

Could Lowry end up in Jail?

Lowry was pretty nonchalant about a potential legal issue that could land her in the slammer on her podcast. During the most recent episode of Coffee Convos with Kail Lowry and Lindsie Chrisley, Lowry slid in the fact that she was probably headed to jail. She didn’t mention precisely why that was the case. She was so calm about the entire thing that Chrisley even pointed it out.

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• Birds of a feather flock together • This week, we talk about @kaillowry not having a phone for the past week & why she ended up enjoying the break. Kail talks about not backing her phone up to the cloud ☁️ because she’s afraid of her nudes leaking. @lindsiechrisley talks about why she has so many unopened messages & why she feels the need to respond if it’s opened ‍♀️ We talk about “Love Don’t Judge” ❤️ on Snapchat & question what the appropriate age gap is. Kail finds out that she is on Wikifeet & why she thinks all the photos are unflattering. Lindsie talks about wasting time watching recipe ‍ videos for food that she has zero intention of making. We talk about our dogs being sick & not having answers of what is wrong with them. Lindsie talks about her first commitment with Will & why he should have known she was going to be a crazy mom when they had kids We talk about the game 7 minutes in heaven ⛅️ & if we ever played. We talk about The Hills Reboot & why we have concerns about it being interesting. Kail talks about MTV wanting scripted reality & why she thinks the whole thing will be scripted. Kail talks about her disastrous trip to Panama & why she ended up leaving the trip early from unsafe resort conditions. We talk about American tourist going to the Dominican Republic & the safety concerns that we have. We talk about chores & why Lindsie only pays for the days Jackson shows up to the job We talk about our kids making a mess of our house & why we struggle with it. Kail gives book recommendations & More ⭐️ 1.How long could you go without a phone? 2.What is an appropriate age gap for a relationship? Or does this even matter? 3.Would y’all be interested in us hosting a book club?

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While Lowry seemed to want to keep the reason for her potential jail stint secret, Celebrity Insider claims that it might have something to do with a mounting custody dispute. Allegedly, Lowry completely disregarded her custody agreement with Rivera when she took her sons to Hawaii.

Now, it’s possible that Lowry could be thrown in the slammer if Rivera decides to file a contempt charge against Lowry. It is not known if charges were ever actually filed, or if it is merely something Rivera threatened to do. If he did go to court, Lowry could face 24 hours in jail and a fine. 

MTV backed out of the drama

The Teen Mom 2 camera crew was on location with both Messer and Lowry, but it looks like they decided to only film the Hawaii trip from Messer’s perspective. Media outlets are reporting that there is an excellent reason for that; the production company doesn’t want to get involved in the legal battle between Lowry and Rivera.

According to alleged sources, Lowry took Isaac, her oldest son, on vacation knowing full well that Rivera wasn’t okay with it. By doing so, she completely disregarded her custody agreement. Allegedly, MTV filming the vacation from her perspective could be seen as encouragement. Instead, they decided just to film Messer and her family. There apparently were no custody disagreements for Messer’s blended family.