‘Teen Mom 2’: Fans Outraged at Jenelle Evans Over Chicks

Jenelle Evans, are you ever going to learn that some things should not be shared on social media? Fans of Teen Mom 2 were outraged when Evans, 28, posted some sad news about her growing “homestead.” The North Carolina native revealed that her newly acquired chicks died after her pitbull got to them. While the news itself upset many fans, the way in which Jenelle shared the information ruffled more than a few feathers. Now fans can’t stop discussing the troubled teen mom and the apparent problems with her and her husband, David Eason’s homesteading project. 

Jenelle’s tweets have fans outraged

Jenelle took to Twitter to lament the nature of her homesteading efforts. She told fans that several of her chicks were no more due to predators. That probably wouldn’t have elicited a massive response, but everyone knows Jenelle likes to overshare. She went on to tell fans that her dog had gotten to several of the chicks. While the death of an animal usually saddens the owner, Jenelle shrugged the whole thing off because the dog was at the home first.

Once fans went absolutely berserk about the tweets, Jenelle showed back up with some excuses. She first told fans that while her dog had taken out several of the chicks, opossums, hawks, and snakes were responsible for some of the destruction, too. Trying to clear the air, she alleges that her chicks are free range and its all part of creating a homestead. Teen Mom fans were not happy with the explanations.

What are fans saying about the mother of three?

According to In Touch, Jenelle and David put together a chicken coop as a project, and all seemed to be well, but fans have long questioned whether the two can really handle the family farm they are apparently creating. It looks like they can’t. Fans have long voiced their concerns about Jenelle’s ability to care for everything from animals, to her children to herself, and the chick debacle isn’t changing their opinions.

After news that the chicks met a tragic end, fans questioned Jenelle about why she was keeping animals that she knows nothing about. Several fans chimed in to note they’ve had pit bulls with chicks before with no problems. They also took to Twitter to denounce her idea of bringing a llama into the fold. Several noted that llamas are challenging animals that need expert care. One snarky Twitter user suggested that the couple should probably read a book before getting another animal.

There is no word on whether she and Eason have been in the market for a llama. At the moment their property is currently housing a pig, geese and several chicks. The dog is presumably still at the home, too.

Does Jenelle change her personality to fit her relationships?

Fans have long questioned Jenelle’s life choices, but it seems obvious the reality TV star tends to morph her personality to fit with whatever partner she happens to be with. Fans watched as Jenelle turned into a gym rat while dating Nathan Griffith. When she hooked up with David Eason, she suddenly was all about the country life, and before that her relationship with Kiefer found the troubled star sinking deeper into drug addiction, according to Hollywood Gossip.

While it’s hard to say for sure if Jenelle is changing to be closer to her partners, many fans question whether this whole farm idea is really something she is into. If David wasn’t in the picture would a llama really be on the horizon? It’s hard to say.