‘Teen Mom 2’: Has Jenelle Evans Officially Been Blacklisted?

It seems like Jenelle Evans will never work in this town again; at least as long as she remains cozy with her troubled husband. The mother of three has spent the last nine years offering up delicious drama for Teen Mom 2 fans, but when MTV finally axed the reality TV star, she seemingly thought it would be simple to walk into another gig. That doesn’t seem to be the case. It looks like Evans and Eason have taken their antics just a little too far this time, and she is no longer seen to be worth the risk a production house would incur to bring her onboard.

A production company could be liable for Jenelle’s actions

MTV had to deal with a lot to keep Jenelle Evans on the show. Between her substance abuse issues and her propensity for lashing out, the production crew took on a considerable risk by working with her. That was all fine and good until her antics caused the show to lose sponsors.

The second Jenelle started costing the production company sponsors she was no longer worth the risk associated with her. The risk in question, at least with Jenelle, boils down to liability.

After all, a production house can be held liable for the actions of its reality stars under the concept of vicarious liability. According to HG Legal, vicarious liability occurs when an injured party argues that a company has the ability to control the actions of another person. Theoretically, vicarious liability could apply if Evans acts out during filming, since her actions could, potentially, be connected to the act of filming.

Production companies may have blacklisted the star

The Blast, claims they spoke with network insiders who said Jenelle is persona non grata when it comes to casting. While the former Teen Mom star was kept on MTV for nearly a decade, other houses are not interested in risking their shows or development budget on someone who is viewed as a loose cannon. In all likelihood, MTV only kept Jenelle onboard because of the established relationship. Now that they have cut ties with the North Carolina native, other production houses are turning their back on the mother of three, too.

In short, production companies are more willing to spend their development budget on talent that doesn’t have a record of dangerous and ill-advised behavior. While the death of Nugget was the final straw for MTV, Jenelle has been on thin ice before. In July 2018, Evans found herself in hot water after pulling a gun during a road rage incident. Her son, Jace, was in the car at the time of the event and an MTV camera crew was filming. TMZ reported on the incident when it occurred.

Jenelle and David come as a package deal

Another strike against Evans is her husband, David Eason. Eason is at the heart of Jenelle’s problems as of late. After all, his behavior set everything that is going on for the former reality star right now into motion. Jenelle’s refusal to leave Eason is keeping production companies from her, as well.

MTV’s camera crews famously refused to travel to North Carolina to film Jenelle after Eason threatened to show up on set. His stockpile of weapons, quick temper and propensity for violence had the crew concerned. Several of Evans’ co-stars refused to shoot with her if Eason was going to be around, as well.

Considering that Jenelle seems to see them as a package deal, David is likely holding her back. Even if a production crew was willing to risk everything for the ratings Evans could bring, they are unlikely to risk the safety of their employees with David around.