‘Teen Mom 2’: How Do Fans Feel About Jenelle Evans Getting Custody Again?

A lot has been going on in the life of former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans. After her husband David Eason was accused of killing the family dog, Evans and Eason were ordered to give up custody of the three children living with them.

However, earlier this month, they were allowed to get back custody of the children again — although not everyone is happy about this current situation. Fans on the internet are not holding back their thoughts at all and will not hesitate to share how they feel. Read on below to find out what exactly the fans have to say about the children going back to living with Evans and Eason.

How did Jenelle Evans regain custody of her kids?

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | John Lamparski/Getty Images for Indonesian Diversity

After the incident with the family dog, a judge felt that their family home was not a safe environment for the children to be living in. As such, the judge required for the children to be removed from their care and for the couple to take steps to prove that they could provide for their children.

Evans and Eason were required to attend parenting lessons, submit to drug testing, and go to counseling. In the case of Eason, who was known for having anger management issues, he was also ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation.

The custody case was expected to take months to finish, but not long ago, a new judge came in, who dismissed everything. According to the new judge, there was a lack of evidence provided by Child Protective Service that Evans and Eason were an irrational pair of parents. Thus, their children were ordered to be returned to them by July 4.

How do fans feel about this situation?

A lot of onlookers are not exactly thrilled about the decision of the new judge. A fan on Reddit.com said: “If something happens to those kids, I hope it haunts that judge for the rest of his life.”

Many people are definitely worried about the safety of the children as both Evans and Eason have shown that they are willing to put the kids in dangerous situations. In fact, there have been reports that a disturbingly amount of abuse could be present in their household.

“This is only going to get worse,” another person pointed out. “The abuse will almost certainly escalate. Scarier, harsher threats, more secretive physical harm, deeper manipulation so the kids are too scared or too emotionally wounded to speak up (no one will care, no one will help them, etc).”

“I hate to be morbid but I see only one of two options here,” a commenter added, “1) They will eventually lose the kids and will be back in court 2) Somebody is leaving in a body bag one day.”

The fans following this court case have also come to the realization that, unfortunately, the system meant to protect kids in this country also have many flaws.

“Those of you who are truly shocked, think about the thousands of children who have it worse and are sent back to their parents every. single. time,” someone shared. “There is only so much CPS can do, and reunification is typically the end goal. Children are being failed. It’s so f**king sad.”

Could Jenelle Evans lose custody again?

Fans are not the only people who are angry about the court’s decision. Evans’ mother, Barbara Evans, and her ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, are not happy either and the two of them seem like they will be fighting for the children.

Barbara Evans was taking care of their youngest, Ensley, while the couple was going through the custody battle. After the judge’s decision was made, she told Radar Online that “it was an injustice to the children” and “we are all sick to our stomach.”

Meanwhile, Griffith shares a son, Kaiser, with Jenelle Evans and he has been trying to win full custody since last year. According to Griffith, Eason physically and verbally abused Kaiser. He also alleged that Evans was using drugs while pregnant and Kaiser was born with THC in his system.

However, whether Evans and Eason will lose custody of their children again still remains to be seen.