‘Teen Mom 2’: Is David Eason Subtly Threatening Jenelle Evans Through Snapchat?

A judge may have extended an order of protection for Jenelle Evans against David Eason, but that’s not stopping him from subtly threatening the mother of three on social media. At least, that’s what fans think is happening in a recent Snapchat video. The video was posted shortly after Evans and Eason faced off in court for the first time since the former reality TV star fled her abusive marriage and her North Carolina home with her two children in tow.

David Eason’s Snapchat video featured a gun

According to Pop Culture, Eason took to a local bar after he appeared in court in Tennessee. The troubled father of three felt the need to document his visit to a local pub on Snapchat. There is nothing too strange about that. A lot of people feel the need to share the daily happenings of their lives on social media. Fans, however, are concerned about the content of his videos.

In one video, Eason zooms in on a piece of décor on the wall of the bar. The décor in question appears to be a rifle of some sort. Eason doesn’t say anything in the video, but many fans believe the video was meant to be a threat to Evans. Evans told a judge, several weeks ago, that she fears for her life and the lives of her children because of Eason’s violent and unpredictable nature. She also cited his stockpile of weaponry as a cause for concern.

David Eason has swapped between private and public social media pages in recent weeks

Eason is playing games with social media in general, note fans. The former pipe welder has swapped between a private and public Instagram page several times since he parted ways with Evans. Eason first took his page private when a judge barred him from making public comments about his soon-to-be-ex on social media. A week or so later, he made the page public again. He has, once again, changed his privacy settings. Fans assume the latest change is related to his recent court date.

Evans initially took a break from all social media following her decision to flee the state. She posted a statement on Halloween explaining her decision to take some time to herself. The post also announced her separation. She decided to lay low for a couple of weeks but has since ramped up her social media usage again. Her last post on Twitter suggested she was feeling somehow betrayed, although the mother of three didn’t go into details.

Is Jenelle’s divorce all about money?

Evans’ decision to leave Eason has been mostly celebrated, but that doesn’t mean some fans aren’t a bit skeptical. Radar Online spoke to an alleged insider who claims Evans decided to finally call it quits with Eason because she was running out of money. Evans famously reported that her income for Teen Mom 2 was a staggering $400,000 a year. When she was fired in the wake of Nugget’s death, that money went with it.

Evans attempted to launch a makeup line, but it was an outright disaster. Very few brow kits sold, and those that did were rife with problems. Attempts to start a YouTube Channel and a Twitch profile were mostly unsuccessful, too. To make matters worse, Evans was all but blacklisted from the entertainment industry. A divorce, however, might be what was needed to get her back into MTV’s good graces. Rumor has it she may be returning to the show.