‘Teen Mom 2’: Is Jenelle Evans Dating Someone New Already? David Eason Thinks So

Jenelle Evans is trying to get her life back together. After fleeing an abusive marriage, Evans has set up a new home in Tennessee and appears to be thriving. Rumors are even swirling that she’ll be returning to Teen Mom 2 now that David Eason is out of the picture. Fans, however, are a bit concerned that Evans has jumped into a relationship with a new man. While she denies the rumor, fans aren’t buying it, and her soon-to-be ex, Eason, doesn’t seem to buy her story, either, at least if his recent social media posts have anything to do with Evans.

Fans find her choice of cities suspect

Evans fled her North Carolina home for Tennessee. While many believed she was lying low in her new state to put distance between herself and Eason, it looks like Evans is actually planning to put down roots. According to Radar Online, Evans has moved into her own home in Tennessee and doesn’t appear to have any plans to return to her North Carolina homestead.

In the days after the divorce, fans assumed she was staying with friends in the state. Now that she has settled into the country music capital of the world, fans suspect that Evans picked Nashville for another reason. It’s possible that the mother of three wasn’t so much running from Eason. Instead, she may have been running to someone new.

Many believe that the mother of three is dating Travis Tidwell. Tidwell spent some time with Evans and Eason on Oct. 1, about 30 days before Evans announced her separation. Tidwell’s home base happens to be in Tennessee, although his P.O. box address places him about 45 minutes away from Nashville in Lyles, Tennessee.

Evans insists that she isn’t seeing anyone

While fans have run wild with dating theories, Evans took to Twitter to tell everyone they needed to calm down. She insists she is not dating anyone. Evans, however, never denied that she was spending time with Tidwell. Fans jumped on the dating rumors after Evans added a shoutout to the guitarist on her Instagram Story. Tidwell has an upcoming album, and Evans took the time to promote it to her fans.

Tidwell isn’t the only person that Evans has been tied to recently.  Rumors swirled in November 2019 that Evans might be rekindling a relationship with Nathan Griffith. The stories started when Griffith was spotted in Tennessee. Griffith, who is the father of Evans’ 5-year-old son, Kaiser, was seen in the state for a custody transfer, although he did spend some extra time hanging out. Griffith has denied all dating rumors but did note his co-parenting relationship is much healthier now that Evans has left Eason. Griffith is still seeing his longterm girlfriend, Ashley Lanhardt. According to Floor8, the couple has been dating since 2017.

David Eason seems to think love is in the air, too

Even with Evans denying any tie to a man (either known to fans or a mystery suitor), fans aren’t buying it. Eason isn’t buying it either. Mysteriously enough, Eason took to Instagram on the same day that Evans gave a shoutout to Tidwell to make a musical post of his own. Eason shared the song “Bro Code,” which happened to be playing in his truck.

In the song, Brantley Gilbert sings “And I know bro code and I ain’t breakin’ it/But bro, you got yourself a situation, bro.” Eagle-eyed followers think Eason may have been calling out Tidwell with his song choice. Tidwell and Eason appeared to be friends back in October, but the status of their friendship is unknown. Eason is currently not allowed to have any contact with his soon to be ex. A judge agreed to extend a restraining order against Eason on Nov. 25.