‘Teen Mom 2’: Is Jenelle Evans Pregnant With Baby Number 4?

Custody wars, scandals, and lies are all on the menu for Jenelle Evans these days, but is she hiding a big secret from her fans? Some social media followers believe the mother of three could be hiding another pregnancy, and they are taking to the internet to discuss the possibility. Evans, for her part, insists she’s not pregnant, but not everyone is convinced just yet. What evidence exists that she could be expecting? 

Why does everyone think Jenelle Evans is pregnant?

Evans took to social media to post photos of her family at a wedding. While she never mentioned whose wedding she was attending, she did note that the family had a great time. Fans, however, think they spied an additional guest that no one was mentioning. 

Evans uploaded a photo of herself and her husband. The tight-fitting dress, however, left nothing to the imagination. Fans are convinced that they noticed the beginnings of a baby bump on the mother of three. She later took to social media to let fans know she was not, indeed pregnant. Instead, she suggested she was just “fat,” but fans are unconvinced. 

Along with the photo, Evans has been posting clickbait to her Facebook account, and several of the articles center around pregnancy reveals. None of the links lead to an article that confirms her own pregnancy, but the coincidence is undoubtedly of interest to fans. 

Jenelle did allegedly have her tubes tied 

Back in April 2019, it was reported that the mother of three was in the hospital. While many believe she was hospitalized to treat reproductive issues, it was later reported that she had undergone surgery to have her tubes tied. The procedure, known as tubal ligation, is a permanent form of birth control. 

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According to the Mayo Clinic, during the procedure, the fallopian tubes are tied, cut, or blocked with a clamp to prevent an egg from traveling from the ovaries. According to In Touch, a source confirmed that Evans had undergone the procedure.

Eason took to Instagram shortly after the hospital stay to wish his wife a speedy recovery. His message, however, didn’t seem to indicate that Evans had gone through a routine, elective procedure. He wrote; “Got my babe a get well soon gift to encourage her to get back on her feet! It sucks you had to go through this but at least we got some answers and you should be all better in no time! I love you so much!”

This wouldn’t be the first pregnancy she’s lied about 

The hosts of Teen Mom Talk note that the troubled reality star has a track record of lying about pregnancies. They note that Evans insisted she wasn’t pregnant with her third child when she was. She also allegedly denied her second pregnancy, too. She later revealed she was expecting a son with her then-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Aside from pregnancy fibs, Jenelle is known for telling a few big lies here and there. Her most outlandish included claims she had attended medical school. Most recently she claimed that Eason was explicitly asked to help coach Kaiser’s football team. After several fans called the league, Eason and Evans pulled Kaiser from the group. It appears as though he was never coaching anything.