‘Teen Mom 2’: Javi Marroquin’s Exes Weigh In On His Relationship Drama

Just a couple of months ago things were looking up for Javi Marroquin. Engaged, opening his own gym, and happily fathering his infant son, he appeared to have found his way to happiness. In recent days, however, that seems to have all come crashing down. Not only is Marroquin on the outs with his fiancée, Lauren Comeau, but he also called the police on his sister. Now, two of his exes have jumped in to comment on his drama.

What was Javi Marroquin’s fight with Lauren Comeau about?

Last week, Marroquin called the police to his home in Delaware to remove his sister from the premises. The entire 911 call was surprisingly civil and calm. In the days following the call, however, Marroquin and his fiancée Comeau unfollowed each other on Instagram. Comeau also spent a reasonable amount of time wiping Marroquin’s face from her profile.

Media sites went wild, speculating that the couple was officially over, but no one knew the details behind the fight and the 911 call. Now, Hollywood Life is reporting that Marroquin was caught cheating on Comeau in the couple’s home. Allegedly, the pair threw a party at their residence, but when Comeau went upstairs to go to sleep, Marroquin got down and dirty with a partygoer. Comeau allegedly discovered the pair, prompting a huge argument.

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Friends allegedly called Marroquin’s 31-year-old sister, Lidia, to pick up the couple’s son. They were reportedly fearful that the fight would turn physical. Kailyn Lowry, Marroquin’s ex-wife, eluded to the fact that she too was called during the dustup.

Briana DeJesus weighs in on the drama

DeJesus and Marroquin were briefly an item. While their relationship didn’t last long, it caused plenty of drama for the cast of Teen Mom 2. In fact, DeJesus’ relationship with Marroquin was the catalyst of a reunion special brawl between DeJesus and her co-star Kailyn Lowry. Once the relationship ended, though, no one felt the need to talk about it again.

In fact, we almost forgot that the pair were linked until DeJesus weighed in on Marroquin’s current drama. On Instagram, the mother of two linked to the article that alleges Marroquin and Comeau’s fight started over Marroquin being unfaithful while Comeau slept in the same house. DeJesus added a caption to her link, merely stating, “Really man?!” To drive her point home, she added the hashtag #gladIgotout for good measure. She also took to Twitter to further shade her former love.

DeJesus announced a split of her own in recent weeks. She ended her relationship with John Rodriquez after more than a year together, according to E! news.  The long-distance pair looked perfectly in love just weeks ago. She insisted, however, her relationship issues have absolutely nothing to do with Marroquin.

Kailyn Lowry was lambasted by fans for commenting on the situation

Lowry, who was married to Marroquin until 2015, took to Twitter in the days following the argument to call her baby daddy out. In her tweet, Lowry alleged that Marroquin accused her of airing his dirty laundry to the media. In a later tweet, Lowry seemed to suggest she was called to serve as a buffer between Marroquin and Comeau, although fans are skeptical of the story. Lowry has been openly critical of Comeau in the past.

Fans replied to her tweet to suggest she was petty, and it would be best if she stayed out of it. Several fans came to Marroquin’s defense, but that was before news of what exactly the fight was about surfaced. Lowry took to Twitter once again, but she was far more subtle with her commentary on the situation. She posted a smiley face, and nothing more. Several fans have surmised it has something to do with the Javi/Lauren situation.