‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans and David Eason Add Two New Dogs to Their Troubled Family

Jenelle Evans never ceases to amaze the masses, and it’s not in a good way. A Columbus County judge shocked the world when she dismissed the custody case against Evans and her troubled husband, David Eason on July 3. Then, Evans further muddied the waters when she spoke out against the Columbus County Sherriff’s department for insinuating that Nugget’s mysterious disappearance was a PR stunt. Now, the former Teen Mom 2 star has announced she’s added two new pups to her tumultuous home. Fans are, understandably, concerned for the safety of the two new pets.

What type of dogs did Jenelle Evans and David Eason get?

Evans and Eason announced that they have added two Anatolian Shepherds to their family. The dogs, Junior and Buddy, have allegedly been purchased to help protect the family’s farm animals. Evans and Eason have taken to creating a backyard farm on the property they’ve dubbed “the land.” Reportedly hawks are a massive problem in the area and have been attacking the chickens the troubled couple keeps, according to People.

According to the American Kennel Club, the Anatolian Shepard is a guardian dog that has been bred to protect livestock and other flocks. When full grown, male Anatolian Shepards weigh between 110lbs to 150lbs. Female specimens tend to be a bit smaller; they weigh in at between 80lbs and 120lbs when full grown.

The AKC describes the breed as smart, devoted, and adaptable. The club does note that the breed can be dominating and demanding, as well.

Why did Evans and Eason add new dogs to the family?

The time of Evans’ announcement wasn’t exactly the best. The couple announced their newest addition just a couple of days after police released a statement that indicated they had no idea what happened to Nugget, the family’s French bulldog. Nugget was allegedly killed by Eason after it snapped at the couple’s 2-year-old daughter. Evans, however, is no backtracking and claiming she doesn’t know whether Nugget was murdered. It is clear, however, that Nugget is no longer with Evans and Eason.

According to social media posts, the couple brought the two new dogs onto the land to protect their livestock. Allegedly, the couple’s Pitbull had attacked a pig and killed multiple chickens while living at the home. The Pitbull has reportedly been placed with a friend and replaced with two dogs who are bred for protecting livestock.

It sounds like the dogs will likely be strictly working animals, however. Eason noted that the dogs don’t mind “sleeping outside” with the livestock.

Fans still want to know what happened to Nugget

The case of Nugget remains fresh in the minds of fans. Not only do people want to know what happened, but they want Eason held accountable if he did, in fact, shoot and kill the dog. In the weeks following the dog’s alleged death, fans, cast mates and celebrities all weighed in on the drama. Randy Houska, for example, took to Twitter to let Evans and Eason know their child was tormenting the dog.

Police, however, have closed their investigation. They claim no evidence exists to suggest the dog was killed on the property. Although Nugget is nowhere to be found, their hands seem tied. Evans, however, has taken to social media to lambast the sheriff’s department for their statement. She claims she’s in talks with her lawyers.