‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans and David Eason Won’t Be Getting Their Kids Back

Former Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans returned to court after the holiday weekend, but she didn’t get the news she had hoped for. The reality TV star had assumed she’d get custody of her two children back, but the judge presiding over her case wasn’t ready to send Kaiser, 4 and Ensley, 2 back into the home where a dog was killed. In fact, the Judge did the exact opposite of what Jenelle was hoping for, and she’s allegedly devastated. The battle over Kaiser, Ensley and David’s 11-year-old daughter, Maryssa is far from over though. The couple will be back in court next week.

Jenelle Evans to return to court on June 4

Jenelle has one week to get her act together if she’s hoping to regain custody of her two children. The disgraced reality TV star has been battling since May 10 to regain control of the two children who were in her care when David Eason shot and killed the family dog. David’s daughter, Maryssa was also removed from the home.

The judge, who Jenelle tried to get recused from the case, informed the reality star that she failed to protect her children from Eason, according to Radar Online. Nugget’s death played into the verdict, but apparently, there was far more discussed during the court proceedings.


According to reports, several individuals testified during the hearing to inform the judge that there is arguing and screaming in the house on a regular basis. Allegedly the witnesses also suggested the children were negatively impacted by the environment.

What can happen in Jenelle’s next hearing?

There are a couple of options for Jenelle’s next court date. Presumably, the judge expects Jenelle to have made forward progress in creating a safe environment for her children. If that happens, the mother of three will begin working towards regaining custody.

If Jenelle fails to make forward progress or does not meet the judge’s expectations, the children will most likely remain in the care of their temporary guardians. Right now, that means Kaiser will remain with Nathan Griffith and his family, and Ensley will remain in the care of Barbara Evans. Jace’s custody placement, with Barbara Evans, is not in question. He will stay with his grandmother, regardless.

Can Jenelle Evans see her children at all?

While Kaiser and Ensley won’t be returning to the land just yet, Jenelle was granted the ability to see the kids, but the judge warned it wouldn’t be on her terms. She is allowed supervised visitation with each child, including Jace, but only once per week and only for one hour.

As it was previously reported, both Jenelle and David were granted visitation with the three children removed from their care before their court hearing, but it was cut short when Eason caused a scene. Allegedly, Eason argued with a social worker when his eldest child became upset during the visit.

For now, Jenelle has been ordered to meet the children at the office of Social Services. She is not allowed to visit the children in their homes, which means she’ll have to steer clear of her mother’s house. That is unlikely to be a problem though; Barbara and Jenelle are apparently not on speaking terms.