‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Claims She’s Looking to Gain Custody of Jace, Again

Back in November 2019, Teen Mom 2 fans were proud to see Jenelle Evans moving on from her, reportedly, abusive husband, David Eason. Four months later, though, Evans is right back where she started and is back with Eason. Not only did she slide back into her reportedly abusive relationship, but she’s dredging up another tired fight. The mother of three insists that she is, once again, going to fight her mother, Barbara Evans, for custody of her oldest child, Jace. Followers are so not here for it.

Barbara Evans has had custody of Jace for the majority of his life

Born in August 2009, Jace was almost immediately left in the care of his grandmother. Evans, who was interested in partying during Jace’s early life, agreed to sign over custody of the child before his first birthday. The elder Evans took primary care of the baby and has had it ever since.

That doesn’t mean Evans has never tried to regain control over her son, though. She’s taken her mother to court several times. In 2013, Evans attempted to regain custody of Jace. A judge didn’t believe she was fit to take over caring for the child at that time. In 2015, Teen Mom 2, followed Evans’ attempt to gain custody once again. Again, the court proceedings ended with the elder Evans retaining control of Jace.

In 2017, Evans, once again, attempted to gain custody of the young boy. She took the battle so far that she and her husband, Eason, stalked and harassed the elder Evans. The police were eventually called, and both Evans and Eason were told to leave the property.  

Jenelle claims she’s trying to convince Barabara to hand over Jace without a court order

Evans doesn’t seem to be interested in going to court to gain custody of her son. She claimed, on social media, that she’s slowly been trying to convince her mother to hand over the tween without the involvement of the court system, according to The Hollywood Gossip.

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Evans claims that she’d like to avoid court because it’s too expensive and because the drama it kicks up is disruptive. She might have a different reason for trying to settle things out of court, though. The mother-daughter duo has already gone to court over Jace, and the system has never sided with the younger Evans. Back in 2017, a judge ruled that the elder Evans would retain primary custody of Jace, according to E! News. The order did, however, give Evans a visitation schedule with the young boy. Presumably, that order is still in place. It is believed that the order is permanent.

Could it actually happen?

Evans and her mother have a complicated relationship. It’s often difficult to figure out if the mother-daughter duo is on speaking terms or not. One thing is for sure, though; the elder Evans certainly is no fan of Eason. It seems pretty unlikely that she would simply hand over custody of 10-year-old Jace without a fight, especially now that Evans is living with Eason yet again.

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The elder Evans has not commented on the situation, and she likely won’t. Followers, however, insist that the famed grandmother wouldn’t hand over the young boy, especially not without a court order to do so. If Evans wants custody of her son, she’ll likely need to go through the courts, which sided on the elder Evans every other time. It doesn’t seem like the courts are likely to change their stance now. In the years since Evans’ last custody battle over Jace, Eason admitted to shooting and killing the family dog, and has been accused of abusing Evans and her younger son, Kaiser Griffith.