‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans Finally Got Around to Discussing Her Commandeered Website Domain

The day has finally come. Jenelle Evans caught up with the rest of the internet and finally realized the domain name associated with her makeup business had been taken over by an animal rights group. The domain name, JECosmeticsInc.com, was intended for use as her makeup website. With the launch just a month away, the mother of three is allegedly fighting to get the site back, but does she even have a case?

Jenelle Evans claims “internet trolls” are trying to ruin her life  

Evans spoke with Teen Mom Talk Now about the current situation, and in the interview, she alleged “internet trolls” were attempting to ruin her life. She went on to claim she is being harassed over the death of Nugget, the French Bulldog that was shot and killed by her husband, David Eason.

Several days ago, the TV personality quit Twitter in a huff, after she began receiving hate for her husband’s new business. Eason is trying to start a knife-making business but appeared to be using a name that was already in use by a forging collective in Texas.

Evans’ manager jumped in on the interview, too. He told Teen Mom Talk Now; “Fans are harassing her for her makeup line, and they bought the domain. In the domain, they wrote nasty things about the line and also nasty things about Jenelle…they bought it and have been harassing us.”

What is currently housed on Jenelle’s former makeup website?

The former home of the ex-reality TV star’s makeup line now houses plenty of information about animal rights, animal rescues and ways people can help if they are interested. The scrolling banner includes pictures of cute puppies and kittens for all of the animal lovers out there.

While the original website consisted of a couple of small pages, the group behind the site has been hard at work adding information. The “shade” portion of the website includes information about all of the pets that were once in Jenelle’s care. Many are presumed missing.

While Evans’ manager claims the website says “nasty things” about the makeup line, it includes almost no information about the impending cosmetics release. Most of the information housed on the site is about animal rescue opportunities and pet parenting tips.

Does Evans have a case against the current owners of the website?

Shortly before her interview went live, Evans took to Instagram to ask fans if they had any legal recommendations. Allegedly, she’s on the hunt for a federal law expert, and many believe it is somehow connected with the now-active website. The group behind the website have spoken out about the situation.

They allege that Evans has no case against the website, as her trademark application is still not complete. The group purchased the site and several other potential URLs back in June 2019.

They also note, directly on the site, that the trademark application is only for JECoemstics, not JECosmeticsInc, which is the actual URL that Evans is arguing over. It is not known if Evans has secured representation at this time.