‘Teen Mom 2’: Jenelle Evans is Being Body-Shamed On Instagram

Jenelle Evans has been pretty upbeat these days. The former reality TV star is seemingly living her very best life in Nashville after fleeing a troubled marriage. While Evans seems happy, healthy, and working towards bettering herself, some followers aren’t willing to just let her have a happy ending. A recent photo on Instagram was flooded with plenty of supportive comments, but a few followers felt the need to troll the mother of three over her weight.

Jenelle Evans was body-shamed over her recent Instagram post

Evans’ birthday just passed. While the TV personality is apparently celebrating the big event in a lowkey fashion in Tennessee, she did take to Instagram to share some photos with her followers. In one picture, Evans is clad in a chunky sweater and jeans. For the first time in a long time, Evans actually looks clear-eyed and determined.

Plenty of fans praised the controversial reality star for her new look. In fact, most people seem to be thrilled that Evans walked away from her troubled husband. A few critics still exist though, and one took to the comments section to suggest Evans was “Fat AF,” according to Yahoo!. While plenty of fans came to Evans’ defense, the body-shaming comments were not in short supply.

Jenelle Evans has gained some weight since she last appeared on Teen Mom 2

Evans was booted from Teen Mom 2 in May 2019 after her husband shot and killed the family dog. Evans’ time on the show looked to be coming to an end regardless, as David Eason refused to make filming an easy process. Once her contract with the production company was terminated, Jenelle appeared to put on weight pretty quickly.

In September 2019, Evans was questioned about a possible pregnancy after posting photos from a wedding the family attended. Evans insisted she was not pregnant, “just fat,” according to one of her replies. By now, everyone knows that Evans was not pregnant, but could her weight gain have been caused by issues in her life? Psychological experts seem to think so.

Her weight gain could be a product of her abusive marriage

Followers should calm down on the body-shaming comments. Not only is the behavior inappropriate in any situation, but Evans might have a pretty sad reason for packing on the pounds. The mother of three recently fled an abusive marriage. Evans, who had long defended her husband, David Eason, has been speaking her truth in court, and some of the alleged abuse is pretty horrific.

Psych Central notes that, in some cases, women who have experienced abuse and trauma may subconsciously put on weight as a way to shield themselves from the outside world. Even when weight gain isn’t a subconscious effort to shield oneself from abuse, weight gain can still be a consequence of traumatic experiences. Several notable professionals have suggested that emotional eating can occur when emotions are too high-risk to deal with. In some cases, heading for the fridge can become an automatic response to uncomfortable situations, like living with an abusive partner.

Evans has not mentioned her weight gain or the reason behind it, and that’s perfectly fine. If her living situation is a healthier one than she left, fans should be supportive of that move. It’s unknown when Evans’ divorce to Eason will go through. The former couple will face off in court on Jan. 13.