‘Teen Mom 2’ Jenelle Evans is Going to Have to Choose Between Her Marriage and Her Kids

Former Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, has given up a lot for her current husband. Not only has the North Carolina native lost her livelihood, but she’s also lost friends, fans and even part of her family. Now, it looks like the mother of three is being forced to choose between her husband and her children. So far, it seems like David Eason is winning out over her own flesh and blood, but it’s possible that could all change soon.

CPS isn’t actual investigating Jenelle

While both David and Jenelle have appeared in family court four times over the last two weeks, rumor has it that Jenelle isn’t currently being investigated. In fact, the children were taken away solely because of David Eason.

Jenelle and her kids were in the home when Eason shot and killed the family’s French bulldog, Nugget. Jenelle, however, did not take part in the murder and was nowhere near the incident when it occurred. The couple’s children, Kaiser 4, Ensley 2, and Maryssa 11 were all removed by CPS due to the event. Jace, 9, was on a cruise with his grandmother, Barbara when the incident occurred, but he does not reside with Evans and Eason. His custody arrangement remains unchanged.

If Jenelle leaves David, her kids could be returned

Radar Online spoke with a legal expert who suggests Jenelle’s children could be returned to her if she kicked David out and divorced him. Because Eason is the one being investigated, getting rid of him would be enough for a judge to return the children to her. The youngest child involved, Ensley, belongs to Eason and Evans. The other two children removed are from previous relationships.

The legal expert went on to explain that Eason’s behaviors may be seen as a danger to the children and having him in the home is enough for a judge to keep them away from Evans, too. What would happen to Eason’s 11-year-old daughter, Maryssa remains to be seen. Evans has no legal claim over the child.

Jenelle doesn’t want to choose

Jenelle has been wishy-washy about her plans moving forward. In the wake of Nugget’s death, Jenelle fled the home that she and David have dubbed “The Land.” It only took a couple of days for her to return and everything has spun out of control since. Not only was the troubled star fired from her regular gig, but all three children were unceremoniously removed from her care. She, however, doesn’t want to pick between David and her kids.

The Hollywood Gossip allegedly spoke to an insider who claims that Jenelle is aware people think she needs to leave David, but she’s not ready to do that. Instead, she apparently prefers to battle it out in court. Her bid to have her children returned to her, however, isn’t working out. Considering that David is rumored to have not only brought a weapon to court but has had several outbursts that necessitated the termination of a visitation session, it seems unlikely that a judge would place the kids back in the home.

As it stands, Jenelle’s indecision is the final decision. By failing to act, fans think she’s effectively choosing her marriage over her children. It’s, understandably, doing little to endear her to the masses.