‘Teen Mom 2′: Jenelle Evans’ Makeup Launch Party Has Been Cancelled

If Jenelle Evans is going to launch her makeup line in September, she’s going to need to scramble to find a new venue to host it. The Flirt Beauty Boutique, which was set to host the event announced that they were canceling the party. Evans is still free to launch her makeup line, but not with the help of The Flirt Beauty Boutique. Fans are rejoicing, but it looks like Evans is taking the news in stride.

Why did The Flirt Beauty Boutique cancel Jenelle’s launch party?

The Flirt Beauty Boutique announced that they would not be hosting the launch party via Instagram, according to Starcasm. The announcement included a statement. Management said, “Our salon was unaware of what her and her husband have done or have been connected to, and in no way, would we support such brutality,” the salon’s statement continues. “We apologize for not doing our research beforehand.”

It looks like The Flirt Beauty Boutique, located in New York City, isn’t willing to forgive Evans for what happened back in May 2019. Fans have been railing against the former reality TV star since news of her dog’s gruesome death broke. The incident also caused Evans and Eason to lose custody of the three children in their care for two months. They were returned to the home on July 3.

Justice for Nugget strikes again

Animal rights activists have been hard at work dismantling Evans and her husband, David Eason’s attempts to earn an income outside of Teen Mom 2. The mother of three was dropped from the cast of the famed reality TV show when sponsors dropped the program in the wake of the Nugget scandal.

Once Teen Mom 2 pulled out, activists went to work on Evans’ other business ventures. They’ve taken to Instagram and Twitter en masse to denounce Eason’s actions. They have also lambast Evans for staying with the man who shot her dog. They’ve also reported every Instagram page Eason has attempted to set up and commandeered the domain name that Evans planned to use to launch her makeup line.

Now, it looks like they got to the owners of The Flirt Beauty Boutique. The company announced that they had no idea what Evans was associated with when they booked the launch party. They even apologized for their connection. Their statement has led many to believe that activists and former fans alerted the company as soon as the location of the launch party was leaked.

Will Jenelle Evans still launch her makeup line?

While the original venue has canceled the event, Evans took to Instagram to insist that she decided to change the location of the event when details were leaked online. Evans was allegedly trying to keep the actual venue top secret in the days leading up to the event to ensure a gang of fans and protestors didn’t show up to the private party.

Evans claimed, in her Instagram story, that the event is still going off on the designated launch date of September 19. She has not revealed the location of the party. Fans are unlikely to be made privy to that information prior to the event.

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans | Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images

Jenelle spoke to Teen Mom Talk Now several days ago. During the interview, she alleged she was being attacked online. She even announced that she was quitting twitter because of trolling.