‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Claps Back at David Eason’s Comments on her Weight

David Eason has a lot of free time since getting the ax from MTV, and he’s been using it to troll his former castmates. Eason, 30, has taken aim at several of the Teen Mom cast members in recent months. First, he took a shot at Leah Messer and her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert by commenting on Jeremy’s hair and Leah’s previous substance abuse issue. Now, the North Carolina resident has set his sights on Jenelle’s Teen Mom nemesis, Kailyn Lowry.

What did Eason have to say about Lowry?

Kailyn and her three kids are apparently vacationing in Mexico at the moment. The mom was looking forward to the getaway and quickly posted a photo to let fans know the family of four was having a fabulous time. Clad in a black bikini, Lowry appears happy, healthy and gorgeous, but Eason seems to disagree.

Eason, who married Jenelle Evans in 2017, took to Instagram to rant about Lowry’s body. In the lengthy post, he called her overweight and took potshots at media outlets who called her stunning. He went on to say that there is nothing stunning about being “overweight” and went so far as to suggest that Lowry is unhealthy, according to Hollywood Life.

Eason wasn’t done with just his Instagram rant, though. He went on to post a picture of Jenelle clad in a bikini. Captioning the photo “this is what you would call stunning”, he was clearly taking aim at Lowry again, according to In Touch.

Lowry claps back at David Eason

Kail has long since tired of the hatred that Evans and her family have spewed at her. Just a few weeks back fans watched as Lowry seriously considered walking away from the franchise after Barbara, Jenelle’s mother threatened to get “lit” and “Kill Kail” on a social media video. Lowry has already refused to film anywhere near Evans and Eason. She even passed on attending a reunion in New York if the pair were going to be on the scene.

Lowry, however, seems to be taking the high road with this particular insult. The mother of three clapped back via Twitter telling her fans that she can change her body, but he can’t change who he is. Eason has been at the center of debate among Teen Mom fans.

Not only are many of his opinions disturbing, but viewers have long wondered if the gun-toting father of three is abusing his wife and children. Nathan Griffith, the father of Jenelle’s second child, has been battling for custody of his son. His biggest concern appears to be Eason.