‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Reveals the Reason She Hasn’t Spoken to Chris Lopez in Months

Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez are on the outs, again! The mother of three revealed that she and Chris hadn’t spoken in months when she filmed the reunion show. The revelation took fans by surprise. After all, Lowey seemed to be all-in on Lopez. She was even building a house that would put her closer to the father of her third child, but that all seems for naught now. Admittedly this pair has broken up and gotten back together repeatedly, but Lowry says its for good this time, and when we found out why she had cut him off from communication we can’t say we blame her!

What did Chris do to cause Kailyn to stop talking to him?

Chris and Kailyn have a lot of history, so her decision to cut him off from communication is a big one. The mother of three explained to Dr. Drew that she was happy to help out and throw Chris’ friend a baby shower. She put her heart and soul into the event, but later found out that she was seated directly next to someone that Chris was actively cheating on her with!

Lowry went on to tell Nessa and Dr. Drew that the entire ordeal was humiliating. She noted that the only person who didn’t know what was going on was her. Embarrassment seems to be a big issue for Kail, so Chris’ betrayal left her completely shaken. They stopped speaking then and there, according to Lowry.

Chris and Kailyn’s relationship timeline

It’s hard to nail down an exact timeline for this wild pair’s union. Lowry tried to keep Lopez off the show for as long as possible, but it seems like they got together once Lowry initiated divorce proceedings from Javi, the father of her second child, Lincoln. Allegedly, the pair moved in together shortly after the divorce went through.

The longstanding friendship and subsequent romance wouldn’t last. Kailyn noted that Lopez cheated on her for the duration of her pregnancy. Lopez was long gone by the time Lowry gave birth to Lux in August 2017, and he didn’t resurface again until August 2018. In fact, Lux’s first birthday was the first time he met his son.

The pair have gone back and forth since 2018, with an on-again-off-again romance that frustrates even the most diehard Teen Mom 2 fans.  Recently, Lowry suggested she hoped to marry Lopez one day, but things seem to be rough again for the pair. Whether or not this is the end of their love affair remains to be seen, but Lowry seems somewhat resolute in her decision.