‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry Reveals Why Her Kids Don’t Appear in Reunion Specials Anymore

Kailyn Lowry is currently in the middle of some baby daddy drama. The mother of three is battling with the father of her oldest child, Isaac, over a breach of their custody agreement. In fact, she could face a fine or jail time for failing to hand over the 9-year-old on the Fourth of July. Despite her impending legal drama, the television personality sat down to dish about Teen Mom 2 during her podcast. She revealed exactly why her young sons no longer appear on the show’s famous, drama-filled reunion specials.

Why won’t Kailyn Lowry bring her kids to tape the reunion specials?

Lowry opened up about how difficult it is to tape reunion specials for MTV’s Teen Mom 2. While the regular season merely follows Lowry as she lives her normal life, the reunion special is a much more formal and structured event. It is also the only time all season that the moms are located in the same space.

In recent years, that proximity has been a problem. More than one brawl has erupted, and Lowry notes that drama is always simmering just under the surface. Because of the drama, she feels uncomfortable having her three sons, Isaac, Lincoln and Lux, on hand.

Lowry also noted that the tapings are so cumbersome that the cast often spends 12 hours on the set. The long hours don’t jive well with the needs of young children. Lowry noted that the long hours were one of several reasons why she’s left her kids at home when filming.

Is she open to the idea of bringing them again?

While Lowry seems pretty resolute in her decision to keep the kids away from the drama, she isn’t completely dismissing the idea of them appearing in the future. A few things would need to happen to make her consider it, though. Lowry noted that last year’s reunion was taped in segments, ensuring some of the most volatile moms weren’t in the same location at the same time. If that were to continue, she’d be open to the idea of bringing the kids to tape.

Lowry is mostly believed to be the one who pushed for separate filming. According to People, the reality TV star refused to show up at any taping if Jenelle Evans and David Eason were in the same city. Lowry explained that MTV could not ensure her protection outside of the studio, making her uncomfortable. To appease Lowry, the production company behind the show taped the reunion over the course of several weekends, separating the stars.

Lowry and Evans have had a tense relationship for years, but the final straw came when Evans set Lowry’s hair products on fire. Evans has since been fired from the show. If producers continue to film the reunion special over the course of several weekends, she’d be open to bringing her kids along.

Will Lowry’s current drama affect filming?

Lowry and two of her exes seem to be at odds over filming right now. Both Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin have stepped away from the cameras for the upcoming season. Rivera has allegedly refused to shoot because of his current legal drama with Lowry. Marroquin, on the other hand, has stepped away from the spotlight to distance his current cross fit gym from the Teen Mom 2 brand.

To film Lincoln and Isaac, the fathers have to give consent to have them on camera. While Marroquin and Lowry have always had a strained relationship, he’s never seemed to be fussed by Lincoln appearing on the show. Rivera, on the other hand, could potentially put an end to Isaac’s involvement.

It isn’t known if he’s raised concerns over filming right now, but in 2018, Rivera removed himself, his wife and his young son from the Teen Mom 2 cameras. Rivera allegedly took steps to remove himself and his son from the show after a reunion special brawl, according to The Ashley Reality Roundup. Rivera and Isaac returned to filming towards the later part of the show’s 9th season.