‘Teen Mom 2’: Kailyn Lowry’s Son Isaac Wants His Brothers To Respect Their Mom More

We first met Kailyn Lowry when she was with her high-school boyfriend, Jo Rivera. When the two found out they were pregnant, Lowry worked to graduate early and begin her life with her baby daddy.

But as Teen Mom fans know, Lowry and Rivera’s relationship didn’t last.

Kailyn Lowry | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage
Kailyn Lowry | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

“I wasn’t satisfied by the life we were sharing, the constant fights or my growing suspicion that he was cheating on me,” Lowry wrote in her 2016 book, Hustle & Heart.  

Kailyn Lowry was initially scared to raise Isaac as a single mom

In her most recent book, A Letter Of Love, Lowry opens up about how worried she was about raising Isaac, her son with Rivera, as a single mother.

“The reality of Isaac not having two parents broke my heart, but over time, I recognized that I underestimated how phenomenal he was. Even though Jo and I weren’t together, we would be able to provide Isaac with so much love,” she writes in her book.

Lowry goes on to say that she finds Isaac to be incredibly smart for his age, and that she realizes, now, that she shouldn’t worry about him so much.

“Isaac is very smart and far more intuitive than I give him credit for being. Despite all the things I’ve put him through, he has excelled in school. I underestimated the fight that was embedded inside of him. Isaac likes things to be a certain way; he reminds me so much of myself when I was a kid,” she wrote.

Lowry continues: “Not too long ago, I asked Isaac if he had to teach his brothers one thing about life, what would it be? He said, “I would teach them how to be patient.” He also told me that, “If you’re in a line and you rush through people, then they’ll keep sending you back, and it’ll take a longer time to move forward.” Isaac also says he wants to teach his brothers how to do their letters so they can spend less time in Pre-K.”

Isaac picks up on when Kailyn Lowry isn’t respected by her sons

Lowry was also surprised to learn that Isaac picks up on the fact that she’s not always the most respected figure in their household.

“I asked Isaac if he wanted to tell his brothers anything now that would help them when they were older and able to read this book. He told me that he wants to tell them to respect me more because they don’t do it right now. Part of me is laughing, and the other part is glad he’s aware. I think all moms can relate when I say that sometimes I feel like I give so much of myself and don’t even get a thank you or respect in return. We are working on it in our house,” she wrote.

Every day, Lowry continues to learn from Isaac. Recently, he said something that stuck out to Lowry about Lux.

“Isaac said something so impactful the other day. He said, “Lux is one of the greatest babies and deserves to be here. We just earned him, you know?” I don’t know what that means, but it might be one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard,” she wrote.

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