‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Messer and Randy Houska React to Jenelle’s Firing

It may seem like a long time coming, but Jenelle Evans’s firing still took some people by surprise. The troubled mother of three has seemingly faced nothing but problems since fans were first introduced to her on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. While Jenelle’s upheaval and wild antics certainly made for good television, at some point she became a liability and one that MTV could hardly afford to keep on the payroll. Now officially no longer a member of the Teen Mom franchise, her castmates are reacting to her departure on social media. What exactly are they saying?

Leah Messer has all kinds of feelings about Jenelle’s departure

Messer is an animal lover. In fact, her mother took to Twitter in the days following Nugget’s death to let fans know that Leah has never been anything but kind to animals and had once taken in a pregnant stray dog and helped find its puppies homes. Messer, however, seems to be having a bit of a hard time with Jenelle’s departure.

The mother of three took to Twitter to tell her fans that she refuses to be affiliated with anyone who condones or contributes to animal cruelty. With that being said though, she notes that she wants to sympathize with Jenelle but can’t make herself do it. All told, Leah seems pleased with Jenelle’s firing; after all, the troubled star did go directly back to her husband and has noted she wants to make her marriage work.

Jeremy Calvert has thoughts, too

Jeremy Calvert, who appeared on the show with his now ex-wife Leah Messer, has personally been mocked by David Eason, and he took to his Instagram story to share his thoughts on the news. Calvert linked to the story and quickly noted that reality was hitting hard in North Carolina tonight. His comment clearly calls out the fact that Jenelle was utterly shocked that MTV would part ways with her.

After all, the production company that films Teen Mom 2 has given the troubled star multiple chances to make things right. They continued to shoot after she pulled a gun during a road rage incident, and they even tried to work around David Eason when he was no longer welcome on set. Calvert has mostly stayed out of the off-screen drama that tends to find Jenelle. This time, though, he clearly couldn’t help himself.

Randy Houska is concerned for the kids

Houska, who is the father of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea, has been outspoken about his disdain for David Eason. After news broke that he killed the family’s dog, Houska took to Twitter to send out a series of tweets. The self-proclaimed member of the hot grandparents’ crew, not only suggested that the couple’s toddler was torturing the dog before its death, but he even drew a parallel between Eason and infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Houska however remains concerned for the well-being of the couple’s children. Evans is the mother of three children. She shares only one child with Eason. Houska replied to a tweet saying he thought MTV was too slow to act, but that he remains concerned for the couple’s children as well as Evans herself. He notes that while they haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, they have a long history. Essentially, Houska’s problem is directly related to Eason.