‘Teen Mom 2’: MTV Production Crews Avoid North Carolina in Wake of David Eason Threats

It was all iPhone footage for Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, in this weeks episode. Production crews have refused to work anywhere where Jenelle’s husband, David Eason is present. After the former castmate threatened to show up at any time while Jenelle was filming, the entire production crew left the state. They promised not to return until Eason was sorted out.

How did David Eason shut down filming?

Eason, who was axed from the show after offensive comments, threatened to show up to all of Jenelle’s shoots. The production team had already laid down the law, stating that David was absolutely not allowed on set.

Eason’s threat to shut down production kept the camera crews out of North Carolina. In fact, all of Jenelle’s segments from the episode were filmed via Facetime video, according to information provided by the production team during the incident.

Several months back, Kailyn Lowry revealed that camera crews had refused to work if Eason was anywhere within the vicinity. She also noted that she too declined to film any segments if Eason was on set, or in the area. Lowry alleges that bot the cast and crew are afraid of David.

Why was David Eason fired from Teen Mom 2?

David found himself in hot water with fans and the Teen Mom 2 production team after a series of homophobic tweets in February 2018. The back-and-forth conversation began when Eason let the world know that he believes concealed weapons belong in schools. After he was called out on the statement, his replies devolved into a homophobic rant that left many fans incensed.

MTV jumped to action, letting the public know that Eason’s views do not reflect the views of MTV. His relationship with the network and the Teen Mom 2 franchise was terminated immediately. According to People, there were several weeks left in filming when the incident occurred. Eason was axed from the remaining filming schedule.

David has more significant issues than MTV

While Eason’s firing from MTV seemed like a big deal, the father of three’s social media habits landed him in hot water with Secret Service, too. Eason was allegedly visited by the agency after a series of posts led them to believe he was a threat. Eason is vocal about his love of guns and has absolutely no qualms about sharing controversial opinions.

Evans has attempted to defend Eason on multiple occasions. She alleges that he doesn’t understand how social media works. Funnily enough, the excuse she produced for Eason is the same excuse she used when her mother threatened to kill Kailyn Lowry on a live video.