‘Teen Mom 2’: Nathan Griffith’s Attempts to Act Civil Are Being Shot Down by David and Jenelle

Longtime fans of Teen Mom 2 are surprised to see hotheaded Nathan Griffith acting like the most mature adult in Jenelle Evans’ custody battle, but strange things tend to happen around the troubled star. Griffith currently has temporary custody of four-year-old Kaiser while the courts figure out what to do about Jenelle and her husband David Eason, but apparently, the former flame’s attempts to keep things civil are being shot down by the Easons, and it isn’t reflecting well on them.

David Eason tried to bait Griffith after court

There is a lot of bad blood between Nathan Griffith and David Eason. Griffith, the father of Jenelle’s four-year-old, has been battling for custody of the youngster for well over a year. In fact, he is believed to be the first person to tip the police off to the slaying of Nugget, Jenelle’s French bulldog. Nugget’s death is the event that pushed CPS to remove Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa from the home.


Shortly after court, Griffith was chatting with reporters when Eason pulled up in a truck. He stopped and yelled at Griffith that he needed to stop talking to the paparazzi before flipping him the bird as the car drove off. Griffith, for his part, kept his cool and insisted he was just chatting. He did note that he was considering getting a restraining order. TMZ released the footage.

A text from Griffith was brutally rebuffed by the troubled couple

Griffith has been pretty open about his desire to have full custody of Kaiser. The former marine notes that there are a lot of things that go on in the house that concern him, and he feels like Kaiser can get better one-on-one attention with him. The battle between the former couple has been ongoing, but it doesn’t look like Griffith is trying to cut Jenelle out of the young boy’s life entirely.

According to several outlets, Griffith allegedly offered Jenelle the opportunity to see Kaiser without the courts if she was willing to leave David Eason at home. Evans refused the offer, opting instead to speak with Kaiser via Facetime.

Griffith also allegedly reached out after the court incident to try and smooth over the situation, but Evans denied the attempt, according to TMZ. Apparently, Evans is treating everyone who has custody of her children as the enemy. That includes Griffith, as well as her mother, Barbara Evans. Barbara Evans currently has custody of Ensley, 2 and Jace, 9.

Jenelle, however, gushed over a gift from Kaiser

Four-year-old Kaiser apparently gave his mother a present amid the custody battle that she apparently treasures. The gift, a cross necklace, was featured on Jenelle’s Instagram this week. Fans, however, were bothered by the message attached. Evans stated that a child’s love never fades. While the sentiment is sweet, fans noted that while her children clearly are bothered by the separation, the mother-of-three doesn’t seem particularly destressed by it.

There is no word on how Kaiser got his hands on the necklace, but considering that he is currently living with Griffith, Jenelle’s former love interest probably had a hand in procuring it. After all, Kaiser is only four, so we doubt he knows how to navigate a jewelry store on his own just yet. Jenelle, however, still seems to see Griffith as a threat.