‘Teen Mom 2’: Reports Suggest MTV Will Part Ways With Jenelle Evans

It looks like MTV may have had just about enough of Jenelle Evans. The network has put up with a lot of nonsense from the troubled teen mom over the years, but it seems like an incident that involved the death of Evans’s dog is the final straw. For those not in the know, Eason allegedly killed Evans’s pet French bulldog after claiming the dog tried to bite the couple’s child. The details of the attack are gruesome, and fans have taken to Change.org to force police to investigate and arrest Eason for the incident. Evans has allegedly left her husband.

Why is Teen Mom considering pulling the plug on Evans now?

Radar Online alleges that an inside source told them that the Teen Mom production crew has already canned Evans. While Nugget’s tragic death seems to be the final straw, Evans was already on thin ice. It has been nearly impossible for camera crews to film the mother of three. Not only did crew members refuse to step foot in North Carolina because they feared Eason, but the loose cannon had threatened to show up at other locations, too. At least one out-of-town shoot was canceled due to Eason wanting to travel with Evans.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans
David Eason and Jenelle Evans| Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

The insider alleges that Jenelle’s exit from the show was already set in stone, but the reality star didn’t know it yet. If that’s true, it is an odd way to conduct business. What seems to be accurate, however, is that producers have been working with the other stars of Teen Mom 2 for weeks, but Jenelle has yet to be added to the production schedule. The death of Nugget likely means she won’t be getting any air time, at least for as long as Eason is in her orbit.

Sponsors have dropped the show following Nugget’s death

If things weren’t bad enough for Evans and the production crew, advertisers have pulled their support of the franchise in the wake of the incident. According to People, several sponsors pulled their advertisements once concerned fans tweeted the brands. Greenies, a company that makes dental treats for pets, was the first company to pull their sponsorship.

Persil ProClean, a cleaning products company, also pulled their support of the show and assured fans their ads would no longer run during Teen Mom episodes. Dove Chocolate, TWIX, and Chipotle followed suit. Each company wrote a message to fans to let them know they did not condone animal cruelty and had decided to part ways with the Teen Mom franchise because of Nugget’s tragic death.

If Jenelle is going to get booted from the show entirely, the loss of sponsors is probably what will make it happen. While Jenelle’s drama makes fans tune in, the show needs sponsors to make it profitable. While Jenelle’s behavior hasn’t always been excellent, her antics have rarely cost the show sponsorships – until now.