‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 10 Trailer: STDs, Explosive Arguments, and More Parenting Drama

Teen Mom 2 is returning for season 10 and from the looks of the trailer, there will be more tears than ever before. The upcoming season shows mounting pressures of parenthood, new pregnancies, more relationship drama, and the mom’s battling it out with their own parents. 

'Teen Mom 2'
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Who is returning for ‘Teen Mom 2’ season 10?

All cast members from season 9 are back. Jade joined the cast in season 9 after transferring from Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Season 10 is Jade’s second season and she fits right in with the cast.

Viewers are already familiar with Jade’s storyline. She’s been open about her issues with her on-again-off-again boyfriend Sean and his drug addiction. Her mother also deals with addiction-related issues that contribute to her and Jade’s strained relationship.

Jade keeps fans updated on social media during off-season and promises this season will delve into more of her family dynamics.

“Life is stressful and full of twists/turns. But how we move on and overcome is what’s important! It always gets worse before it gets better,” she writes in a new post.

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Leah, Chelsea, Brianna, and Kailyn are also continuing to share their stories. When viewers left off last season, Chelsea was a new mom of three struggling to help her daughter come to terms with her ex being in and out of her life. 

Leah was continuing to progress after undergoing treatment for anxiety and addiction and Kailyn was raising her three sons while successfully co-parenting with two of her exes. Brianna was trying to navigate a new relationship.

Teen Mom 2′ trailer reveals explosiveness of upcoming season

Fans of the show are already aware that Kailyn is pregnant with her fourth son. The child’s father is Chris Lopez, the father of her youngest son. This season will chronicle Kailyn’s pregnancy and balancing her life as an already working mother of three.

She also reconnects with her own mother, whom she’s been estranged from for years. In the trailer, Kailyn reveals her mother has never met her youngest child.

Jade’s issues with her mother will come to a head this season. The two are seen in a tense argument with Jade refusing to continue filming as a result.

It’s unclear how much of Jade and Sean’s relationship will play out. Sean is missing from recent Instagram photos on Jade’s page, hinting that they are not currently together.

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Brianna reveals that she dips back into bed with her ex and seemingly accuses him of giving her an STD. She and Kailyn previously disagreed over Brianna’s relationship with Kailyn’s ex. The two have yet to reconcile.

Leah will document her daughter’s medical condition as she continues working with doctors. She also opens up about her past addiction and the dark road she once traveled while addicted to pain medication.

Chelsea’s continuing to fight for a better situation regarding her eldest daughter and her ex. Though Chelsea’s husband Cole is active as a stepfather, her daughter misses her biological father.

Season 10 premieres on MTV on September 1 at 8 PM EST. The trailer for season 10 is now available on the show’s official Instagram page.