‘Teen Mom 2’: Was Nathan Griffith The First Person to Clue Police In On David Eason Shooting the Family Dog?

Things are certainly unraveling for Jenelle Evans. Jenelle’s emotional Instagram post about the death of her French Bulldog confirmed the dog’s passing, but fans of the show were aware something really bad went down in Evans’ home before the post. Now, it appears that Nathan Griffith might have been the person who clued police in on the problem at the property.

What did David Eason do to cause outrage now?

David Eason, 30, posted a video to social media that he claims shows the family’s dog attempting to nip his daughter. The toddler is seen on the couch hovering over the dog as it squirms away. Shortly after, Eason posted a disturbing message stating he was going to protect his family. Eason allegedly killed the dog for the incident.

News of the dog’s death left fans incensed. Evans allegedly fled the home with her children and later took to Instagram to pay tribute to her lost pet. She noted she was heartbroken and couldn’t stop crying. Inside sources claim the pair are no longer speaking, but Evans has not confirmed if divorce is imminent.

This is not the first time Eason has been at the center of animal abuse allegations

Eason has a long history of being cruel to animals. The gun-toting father of three has shared videos of himself dragging a pig by its hind legs just weeks ago. Fans were outraged by the treatment, but Eason’s actions against the family dog have caused more backlash than anything else he’s done. The gruesome details of Nugget’s tragic death have left fans completely shocked.


A Change.org petition has been started to get the police to investigate and charge Eason with Animal cruelty. The appeal also requests that the family’s additional animals be removed from the home for their safety. Created just one day ago, the petition has over 50,000 signatures. Police have said that they are investigating the claims.

Did Nathan Griffith make the first phone call?

According to People, Nathan Griffith called for a welfare check on his four-year-old son, Kaiser, on April 30. Allegedly Griffith told police that his son, who resides with Evans and Eason, had witnessed the family dog being shot. He asked the police to check on the boy to ensure he was okay. Police headed over to the property and confirmed that Kaiser was alright.

Police noted that they were only asked to check on Kaiser and didn’t further investigate the incident until 911 dispatchers were flooded with calls by concerned fans. The police did not confirm if Griffith was the first person to alert them to the incident.

Giffith isn’t stopping there, though. According to Radar Online, the 31-year-old model has plans to address the events during his custody hearing. He told the outlet that the situation is incredibly toxic and he’s concerned for both Kaiser and Evans. Griffith has been battling for custody of Kaiser for the last year. Griffith has been outspoken about his concerns regarding Eason. Several court documents note that Kaiser, 4, has reported being hit by his stepfather on more than one occasion. The killing of Nugget and Eason’s nonchalant attitude regarding his actions have only buoyed Griffith’s resolve.