‘Teen Mom 2’: What Is Jenelle Evans Doing to Get Custody Back?

The stars of Teen Mom 2 have been in the spotlight for much of their lives, for better or for worse. One of the most controversial stars to have spawned from the popular TV show is Jenelle Evans.

The young mother is well known for her love of partying, and her persistent tendency to date abusive, violent men have led her to lose custody of her children. What exactly led Evans to lose custody and how is she working to get her children back? We provide a breakdown of Evans’s troubled past and her history on Teen Mom 2

How long was Janelle Evans on ‘Teen Mom 2’?

Teen Mom 2 premiered in 2011 and was initially conceived as a follow-up to the hit show 16 and Pregnant. One of the stars of the show was Evans, a young woman who struggles with trying to succeed as a responsible parent but keeps coming back to her negative habits of drinking, partying, and hanging out with undesirable men. Her mother was also heavily featured on the show, as she became the one in charge of caring for Evans’s young son Jace.

Evans and her mother, Barbara, fought a lot over the course of seven seasons, with the older woman questioning why her daughter seemed to continuously choose a life of partying over her son. The drama was compounded by the fact that Evans was constantly bouncing in and out of bad relationships. 

How many children does Jenelle Evans have?

In December 2012, Evans married a man named Courtland Rogers — their relationship and the eventual wedding were documented on the show. The marriage was combustible from the beginning and viewers were shocked when it was revealed that Evans had an abortion during her marriage to Rogers, which she disguised as a miscarriage. The couple split in early 2013.

Following her split from Rogers, Evans began dating Nathan Griffith, a model she met on social media. She and Griffith had a son that they named Kaiser in June 2014. The young couple got engaged following the birth of their son, but never made it down the aisle — they ended up breaking up for good in August 2015.

Evans’s latest, and possibly her most dangerous relationship is with David Eason. They started dating in late 2015 and had a daughter named Ensley in January 2017. Eason and Evans got married that same year, but haven’t exactly experienced marital bliss. Eason and Evans have had a volatile, often violent history, culminating when Eason beat Evans’ dog, Nugget, to death. The incident caused MTV to drop both Evans and Eason from the filming schedule of Teen Mom 2

How is Janelle Evans trying to regain custody?

In late May, following the explosive story about the dog being beaten to death in the family home, judges stripped custody of all three of Evans’s children from both her and Eason. The courts ruled that Eason was creating an environment that was unsafe and unhealthy for children. Through it all, Evans has stuck by her husband. She spoke out recently and said that she is totally committed to Eason, and was even going to attend parenting classes, counseling sessions, and regular drug testing.

In spite of Evans’s turbulent past and unstable history, she seems to be taking the necessary first steps in order to get her kids back. Reportedly, Evans is even trying to play it safe by not revealing case specifics to the media in hopes of avoiding incurring the judge’s anger. Regardless of what the future holds for Jenelle Evans and David Eason, hopefully, the family is able to get to the root of their issues and start creating a safe space for their children.